BLUSH- short story chapter 2


Chapter 2

        I woke up this morning feeling rejected and a bit flustered, so I made no effort to get all cute before heading downstairs. Hell, I didn’t even bother brushing my wild mane of matted curls, just a quick fluff, some water to liven them up a bit and that’s it. I made my way downstairs in a large oversized t-shirt and slippers.

     “Morning,” I said casually.

Devon was sitting in the chair backward at the kitchen table eating a bowl of frosted flakes and typing away on his laptop. He was already dressed in a t-shirt, jogging pants, and tennis shoes. How does he look this damn fine in the morning with no effort? I noticed that Mom and Melvin left a note on the kitchen island, so I assumed they were already at the airport.

     Devon waited until he was done chewing to speak, “Good morning beautiful.”

So now we’re back to that. I walked over to the counter to get a pot of breakfast tea going.


     “So, working while on vacation huh?” I said making small talk, still not giving in.

I turned around to see that he had never taken his eyes off me. He rested his arms on the back of the chair and stared at me for a moment making me regret my choice not to take that extra bit of effort this morning. I began to feel self-conscious.

     “I uh, I’m actually emailing an old colleague, I owe him a favor.”

I reached up into the cabinet on my tippy toes to grab the jar of sugar, not caring if my t-shirt exposed more than just a little thigh.

     “Speaking of, do you want to come with me later to meet up with him? It’ll be quick I just need to drop something off.”

Wow, that caught me off guard.

     “Sure, I don’t mind”, I smiled.

     “Good, I’ll see you later then”, he said flashing his dimples at me.

     “Wait, where are you going this early in the morning?” I asked.

     “I’m going to go for a jog and take care of a few things.”

     “Want company?” I offered.

     “No, I need to clear my head,” he said returning back to his laptop.

I decided to leave it alone and focused on making my cup of tea, besides, I had all day to get ready for my “date”.

        I practically leaped up the stairs in excitement, careful not to spill my tea. In the meantime, I’ll catch up on some emails of my own from the office. I had planned to be all about Devon and what he was doing for the next two weeks, I didn’t plan on any downtime. I laid on my bed and really considered my motives. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved Devon, hell, I’ve been in love with him since I was fifteen, and ten years later my feelings for him have never changed. Even when I was with James, I knew he could never complete me. Which was part of the reason why A; I never introduced him or talked about Devon with him and B; why it didn’t work out. I just couldn’t get past Devon. I sighed, this could be the most embarrassing thing on the face of the Earth or the best thing that has ever happened to me. Oh my God, my mom would disown the both of us if she knew! I know he’s my step-brother but we’re not related by blood or anything and he was out the house by the time he was eighteen anyways so it’s not like we grew up together, I wrinkled my nose. But then again, would I care if we had?

        Before I knew it, the alarm on my phone was chiming, telling me I had two hours to get ready. It was cold and rainy for most of the day, putting limitations on the spring wardrobe I had packed with me. Nonetheless, I was able to put something together. I opted for a sheer rose, short sleeved vintage blouse with ruffles, that accentuated my breast, and showed just a hint of cleavage. I chose a pair of burgundy skinny jeans that went great with a pair of gray loafers with a pleated bow. I did a once over in the mirror once I was put together. I thought I looked cute with my hair slicked back into a curly ponytail. I applied a thin coat of mascara and a touch of shimmery lip gloss and headed downstairs.

        “Ready?” I asked grabbing a light jacket. I noticed he put a little effort into what he was wearing too. He looked handsome in his charcoal colored blazer, grey fitted sweater, dark denim jeans, and grey dress shoes.

     “You’re so beautiful”, he breathed.

     “Thank you, you look handsome yourself”, I smiled.

      He checked his watch, “We’re going to be early but we can have a few drinks while we wait.”

He led me out the door and down the driveway past his rental car.

     “Are we walking?” I asked.

     “Yeah, I figured since it’s a short distance, we can enjoy the evening.”

We walked in silence for a while, which was ironic, seeing how I knew the both of us probably had a million thoughts racing through our minds. I decided now wasn’t the time to bring up this awkwardness between us.

     “So, you think Mom and Melvin are enjoying their trip?” I asked breaking the silence.

Devon smiled and I caught a glimpse of his dimple, but I didn’t get the benefit of seeing both of them.

     “Yeah”, He chuckled, “I bet Mama is having the time of her life in the Bahamas, I would be!”

     “Gosh, your Dad is so nice. He’s a good man, and so are you.”

     Devon smiled and looked at me, I’m not that good.”

     “I think you are. I’ve known you for ten years, and your nothing like these boys out here.”

    Devon casually put his arms around my shoulders, “You’re a good woman with a good heart. I’m glad you know the difference between boys and men.”

     “Please, if there’s one thing I do know, I know a good man when I see one”, I insinuated.

      “We’re here”, he chuckled and sighed.

        “Wow, I’ve seen this place so many times and but never thought it looked like this on the inside”, I said admiring the modern decor. I began to take off my jacket.

     “Here, let me help you with that.”

Devon slid off my jacket and placed it on the back of the bar stool, he waited for me to sit down before he sat down.

      “What are we having?” I asked looking at the small menu of cocktails.

     “A whiskey sour, what about you?”

I was going to get a glass of rose wine but I knew I would have to get something a lot stronger to calm me down, this felt too much like a real date.

     Just then the bartender came by, “Hi, what can I getcha?”

     “I’ll have a double Amoretto Sour and he’ll have a double Whiskey Sour”, I said taking it upon myself to add an extra shot to his drink.

I had a feeling he might need a double just as badly as I did.

     “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked boldly, catching me off guard.

Whoa. I’m so glad I ordered a double. I’m going to need some liquid courage after all.

     “No. I haven’t had one for a while. What about you? Do you have a girlfriend, fling, friends with benefits, baby mama… wifey?” I joked, but I wanted to get all of the above, out the way.

Devon laughed a hearty laugh.

     “Here are your drinks. Would you like to start a tab?”

     “Sure”, I said handing the bartender a ten dollar bill.

     “Here, you can put it on my card”, Devon said pushing my hand away.

     “That includes the tip too”, he said to me.

I put my money back into my purse.

     “Well?” I pressed taking a sip of my drink.

     “No to all of the above and a hell no to the baby mama”, he chuckled taking a sip of his drink.

     “The next woman I pursue is going to be my wife. I don’t have time for games”, he said with a serious look.

I took a big sip of my drink as I tried to process what he said. Marriage? I felt my face flush with excitement. I never really considered marrying him, but I would. Oh my God, this is getting serious now. I would like to marry him, I mean I love him so why not? I’ll be Mrs. Nadia Nicole Davenport. Oh God. My mother and I will both be Mrs. Davenport. I sighed, at the thought of my mother, Melvin, and my entire family.

     “I’ll have another please”, I motioned to the bartender in passing.

     I felt Devon breath as if he was about to say something but he stopped short, “He’s here.

        Devon stood up and waited for his friend to reach him. I stared at Devon with a deeper kind of fire now. I wanted to be his wife. Oh God, I blushed, please forgive me.

     “Hey man, what’s good?” The guy said giving Devon a brotherly hug.

He was a slender light skinned guy with an athletic built and two inches taller than Devon’s 6’3 inch frame, he could have easily been a basketball player.

     “Nothing much just glad to be home for a couple of weeks man.”

     “Word? How’s the upstate life man?” He asked nudging his arm.

     “Its cool man, New York is a different kind of beast but, Cleveland raised me well man.”

     Devon cleared his throat, “This is Nadia, Nadia this is my man Travis.

Devon reached his arm around my waist and pulled gently towards him. I held out my hand for Travis to shake. Travis’ eyes opened with a hint of surprise that made me wonder what his look meant.

     “Nice to meet you Travis”, I said shaking his hand.

     “You too Nadia”, he said shaking my hand.

     “Devon, I’ll be back. I’m going to the restroom.”

     “Okay beautiful”, he nodded.

I blushed.

I moved past a crowd of people with a smile plastered on my face. I was so glad my back was turned towards Devon right now so that he couldn’t see me smiling like a lovesick fool.

         “Man, you came up didn’t you?” I heard Travis say when he thought I was out of earshot. I made my way to the empty woman’s bathroom.

     “Oh my fucking goodness”, I blurted.

I turned on the cold water wetting my hands and pressing them against my burning face. I felt a million butterflies flying around in my stomach. Partly from excitement and part from the drink. I should have told the bartender to hold the double on my second drink. I was feeling a bit tipsy. I paced back and forth in the bathroom. I can’t believe he did that. I replayed the events that just occurred.

     He didn’t introduce me as his sister, ” This is Nadia…”

Clearly, he was implying that I was his girlfriend and the way that he pulled me towards him as if he was making his claim on me or something. I smiled to myself and took a deep breath. There is no doubt that something is going on between us… and tonight I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I walked out the bathroom with a new kind of confidence. It was either now or never.

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