BLUSH- short story chapter 3


Chapter 3

        “Th-that was a quick outing”, I stammered, slurring a little on the walk back home.

     “Yeah, I told you it would be”, Devon grinned.

Those drinks were stronger than I thought.

     “Those Amoretto Sours were so good, I defiantly have to keep that place in mind”, I spoke slower so I wouldn’t slur this time.

Devon seemed to be holding himself together, although he did only have one drink.

     “Yeah, that place is cool. I have to take you up to New York sometime. There’s a place I go to, to get good drinks. You can barely taste the alcohol in them, they can get pretty addictive.”

     “I wish we would have eaten first”, I said feeling a little light headed.

     “Are you hungry?” He asked.

     “Saying yes would be an understatement”, I admitted.

     “Want Chinese?”

     “Yes! Something greasy would be so good right about now”, I salivated.


Devon pulled out his cell phone and ordered what I liked, Lo Mien noodles, lemon chicken, and shrimp egg rolls.

     “They said it’ll be ready in about twenty minutes”, he said sliding his phone back into his pocket.

     “You’re so sexy”, I blurted, staring at him dreamily. Devon put his head down and smiled.

     “You are“, I giggled. I was definitely tipsy.

Devon nudged me gently with his shoulder and sighed. After a moment he sighed deeply and grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers. I felt a slight tingle between my legs, his touch felt good. I can’t believe we’re holding hands! We remained silent until we reached the house, neither one of us dared to say anything more. This was so frustrating! Why doesn’t he just come out and say it?

        “Hey, I’m going to change and shower before the food arrives, okay?” I desperately needed to take a cold shower.

     “Alright”, he said simply.

I watched him take off his coat before I headed upstairs. He’s so incredibly handsome. Once I was upstairs, I felt the butterflies returning. What should I wear? Should I play it safe in a pair of sweatpants or some lingerie? I laughed at the thought of me walking downstairs all sexy in a teddy. There was no way I was doing that. I decided to play it safe and put on a pair of light grey lounge pants and a light pink and grey camisole. I took a warm and then ice cold shower to snap out of being tipsy. I still felt a buzz, but I wasn’t as tipsy as before.

     “Feeling better?” Devon asked, placing the dinner plates on the small coffee table in the sitting room.

     “Yes”, I admitted.

     “So, what do you want?” I asked walking into the kitchen.

     “Huh?” Devon said with his eyebrows raised.

     “As in wine? What do you want? Red, white or blush?”

     “Let’s do a blush, your favorite”, Devon smiled flashing me those dimples.

     “You’re right, that is my favorite”, I flirted giving him a sexy smile.

I came back with two wine glasses and a bottle of rose wine. Since we became old enough to drink, it was always a habit to have a small glass of wine with dinner. Well, my Mom’s habit, then it became my habit. I poured a tiny bit of wine for the both of us and grabbed my plate of chicken and noodles.

     “So good”, I mumbled in-between bites of my food.

     “Yeah, I was hungrier than I thought”, He admitted.

After we were good and full and sipping on our second small glass of wine, I felt better about being buzzed.

        “So…”, I began, as I was releasing my hair from the ponytail.

I ran my hands through my hair, trying to relax and get a bit more comfortable. My heart started pumping fast, as I knew what I wanted to say next.

     “Sooo. . .”, he said letting his voice trail off.

I took a sip of wine bracing myself for the confession. Here goes.

        “So…? What’s going on?” I asked dancing around the inevitable.

     “Going on with what exactly?”

Devon swirled the wine in his glass avoiding my eyes.

     “You know what I mean“, I said boldly.

Devon sighed. Now it was his turn to take a sip of his wine.

     “I thought you weren’t about games?” I challenged.

      Devon cut his eyes at me, then softened, ” I’m not.”

      “Well?” I pressed, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

     “Are we going to sit here and pretend like there’s not a pink elephant in the room? We are not children anymore, and just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a grown woman now.”

I knew my words where icy and sliced through whatever bullshit we continued to pass off as if there wasn’t a real issue that we needed to address. Devon looked a bit taken aback but quickly recovered. I had his full attention.

        “Say it“, I continued adding more fuel to the fire.

     “What do you want me to say exactly?” He procrastinated, which only added more fuel to my own fire.

      “That I–”, he started to say, but I was done playing nice.

     “I want you to stop with all of this and tell me the truth!” I said cutting him off and pointing from him to me.

Devon put his wine glass down and sat up a little straighter as if he was trying to compose himself. I got up off the couch and waited for him to say something.

     “Well?” I said getting more agitated.

     “If we put this out in the open, there’s no going back… I can’t take it back. I can never, ever, take this back”, he said calmly with a plead in his tone.

     “Devon, it’s been way too long, and it’s a little too late for that. If we keep letting this thing happen between us– I’m tired of this I–”

      “I love you! I’m in love with you Nadia!”

He looked as if I had just shot him in the heart and as if a big load was finally lifted off his chest. He walked over to me and grabbed my face.

     “I’ve loved you since the very first time I’ve ever laid my eyes on you. You’re all I ever think about, dream about, talk about. I love you so much! You’re the only woman I have ever wanted so badly that it hurts. It hurts to be near you, It hurts to touch you, to be in your presence. To watch the way you look at me with those big beautiful brown eyes of yours. To watch the way your lips move when you say my name, the sexy way you slightly bite your lip when you get to the v in my name and the curl at the corner of your lips when you smile…”

I watched as his eyes began to glaze over, making my own eyes sting with tears.

      “You mean everything to me, and now that you know it, now that you know my heart, I want you to know that I meant what I said at the bar. I want you to eventually become my wife Nadia. If, you’ll have me.”

I gasped. I was speechless. He actually admitted it. Never in a million years did I think this would ever happen or that he would say those words out loud.

     “Say something Nadi”, he begged.

I was still stuck on the marriage part. He wanted to marry me?

     “I love you too”, I croaked.

He looked me into my eyes and gave me the longest overdue kiss in the world.

        I hungrily kissed him back. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. This was finally happening. I pulled at his belt buckle and began to unbuckle it.

     “Wait”, he breathed.

     “I don’t want to wait anymore”, I said still kissing his lips.

They were so soft, softer than I imagined. Softer then fresh snow on silk.

     “But, we should talk about this before–”

     “Okay-we-can-talk-now”, I said covering his mouth with kisses.

     “Naddiii“, he pleaded.

     “Devoonnn”, I moaned.

Oh my God, he has a six-pack! I thought as I reached under his shirt. He grabbed my hands from going any lower.

     “Nadi are you sure? You’ve been drinking.”

     “Yes I’m sure, I’m so sure. I’ve loved you since… you’re my first love. But, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you”, I said stopping abruptly.

     “I want to Nadi, I want you so badly. I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

     “Let me show you”, I grabbed Devon by the hand and led him into his bedroom.

I looked him in his eyes and opened the door. His room was neat and clean unlike mine, I had clothes and makeup scattered all over the place. I led him to his bed and gently pushed him down. There was defiantly no going back.

        I slowly took off my camisole exposing a new baby pink lace bra. Then I slowly took off my pants and stood before him in nothing but my bra and panties.

     “You’re so fucking beautiful”, he groaned bitting his lower lip.

Slowly I climbed on top of him and kissed his lips, kissing him deeper, feeling his tongue on my tongue, sucking on his lips, tasting the sweet remnants of the wine.

     “Mmmm”, I moaned.

I returned my hands back to his six pack and helped him take off his shirt. God, he was beautiful. I kissed his bare chest then his six pack. He grabbed my face and gently pulled my face towards him so that he could kiss me on the lips.

     “Let me do this”, he insisted.

He lifted me off him as if I were as light as a pillow and stood up to take his pants off. I could tell he was hard but he kept his boxer briefs on. I slid back on the bed against the headboard and he climbed on to the bed and began kissing my toes, up my legs, to my thighs.

     “Can I?” He asked pulling my panties.

     I nodded my head, “You don’t have to ask.”

My heart quickened with anticipation as he slid my panties down slowly and tossed them over his shoulder.


He stopped for a moment and kissed the top of my bald pussy and spread my legs giving me soft kisses. I grabbed the sides of his head and fingered his soft deep waves. The anticipation was killing me as he continued to kiss and blow hot air on my pussy. Finally, he parted my lips and slid his tongue up and down and then deeper inside of me.

     “Oohh“, I moaned.

I relaxed and arched my back as his hands supported my butt while his tongue made love to me.

     “You taste sweet”, he whispered.

I couldn’t help but gyrate my hips and push his face further into me. I could have stayed like this forever but I wanted him inside me.

     “Devon…” I moaned, “I want you.”

After a few moments, he released his grip.

     “Whatever you want, Nadia.”

Devon licked his lips before he began kissing me again, gently rubbing his fingers in my hair. He began to reach over towards the nightstand. I grabbed his arm and stopped him. He looked at me with all seriousness in his eyes and I nodded my head. He repositioned himself on top of me and kissed me again.

     “I love you”, he said.

     “I love you too.”

I felt him ease inside of me causing me to inhale sharply.

     “Are you okay?” He asked.

I nodded my head.

    He continued to inch his way inside me but stopped when I took another sharp breath, “If it’s too much, I’ll just go halfway in.”

I pressed on his bare butt causing his dick to go deeper inside of me.

     “Ahhh“, I moaned loudly.

        He rocked me gently in a slow groove, like the slow tap in Al Green’s Love and Happiness, thirty seconds into the song. I opened my eyes to see him looking lovingly at my face.

     “I love you”, he assured me again.

This time, I felt it truly coming from his heart. He lifted my right leg and positioned himself deeper inside of me causing me to moan loudly.

     “Too much?” He asked.

     “No, not enough”, I teased.

What was I getting myself into? As if this wasn’t a challenge already.

     “Oh really?” He smiled giving me those fucking dimples again.

        That was it! As soon as he was completely inside of me, I came. He sped up his groove and began to stroke me faster and a little deeper. The feeling was intense. I did my best to compose myself but I was beyond the point of bliss and ecstasy that people fantasized about. It was purely like being on a hallucinogenic. I felt his every touch lingering on my skin, like rose petal stains on satin. I noticed the way his breathing increased every time my muscles contracted around him, pulling him in, and every now and again a quick flash of his dimples. Then he lifted my left leg so that both of my legs were on his shoulders causing his stroke to be increasingly more intense with every thrust he made.

     “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I moaned on the verge of screaming.

     “I won’t stop until you tell me to stop Nadia”, he said kissing my feet.

I could feel the cum building up, threatening to unleash and destroy my sense of well being. I wanted to feel him, I wanted to know that this was real.

     “Harder!” I screamed, more so than moaned.

I felt Devon about to reposition himself.

     “No! Don’t move baby! Don’t fucking moooveeee, aghhhh!

Devon did as he was told and stayed in the position, increasing his speed with every thrust. I dug my nails deep into the mattress feeling the familiar prickly feeling in my chest, letting me know I was only seconds away from cumming. I struggled to breathe, it felt as if my entire chest was caving inward, causing me instant death as I orgasmed. My legs trembled and shook as I released… experiencing a sensation that I’d never felt before until eventually fading into nothing.

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