SLIP- short story chapter 1


Chapter 1

        “Jye, I want you to know that, through everything that we’ve been through, I appreciate you. You’ve stood by my side and been such a powerful force in my life, throughout the good and the bad. You’ve challenged my mind and made me question myself in ways that I never thought were possible. You’ve changed my mind, my heart, and my outlook on life and I am forever grateful. I could never imagine being the guy, that let a good woman get away. I can never imagine anyone or anything getting in between us, I never want to imagine letting you go and I damn sure don’t want to lose you. Jye Domonique Camden, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

        I stood there fucking speechless. After all the shit that I went through, now he wants to pop the fucking question? It was my 30th birthday and damned if everything wasn’t perfect. Here I am, standing in front of a host of family and friends with my boyfriend of three years down on his knee popping the question with a huge diamond ring flanked by two other diamonds on a diamond and platinum band. Deep down inside, I knew I could never forgive Raymond for being an egotistical manwhore with the temper of a three-year-old, but for the sake of our relationship, and my love for him, I agreed to try. I heard someone cough, snapping me out of my thoughts. Raymond looked at me with a pleading stare for me not to embarrass him in front of all these people. I wanted to have my fun and tell him no so he could feel what I felt a year ago.

        “Yes! Yes, Ray!”

“Yes, what?” He said standing up and pulling me close to him.

        “Yes, I’ll marry you”, I said.

Three months later…

                  I laid in the dark feeling empty and unsatisfied. I hated the fact that we weren’t on the same page sexually. He wanted to “make love” and all I wanted to do was fuck and get it over with. I mean, there were times when I did desire him, but when I did, his way of turning me on was only based on him. Since when did giving him head, make me want him more? I doubt that giving a man head made any woman feel sexier than she already felt. Oh yeah, and then there were his side chicks… I rolled over pretending to stretch, to see if he was asleep so that I could make a quick getaway. Of course, he was, I gave him the best fifteen minutes of his life. I thought he would have caught on by now. All I had to do was ride him and bounce a little bit and then it was all over.

        I tipped toed over to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. There sitting in its case, surrounded by my tampons, pads and other feminine products, was my most faithful possession. Big Shawn. I laid comfortably on the plush bathroom rug and I used my fingers to play with myself as I lubricated the black flesh like a vibrator with my mouth until I felt my fingers slip in and out of my pussy. Big Shawn was my man when I needed a real man to complete the job and tonight, I really wanted to cum. If I wanted to get the job done I needed to work fast before Raymond noticed I wasn’t next to him. That familiar feeling of my already sensitive flesh being greeted by the healthy girth of my vibrator brought a smile to my face. I turned on the facet to hide Big Shawn’s humming as he worked effortlessly. In an instant, I begin to cum. I ran my hand over my breast, pinching my left nipple hard, then slowly messaging it with the tip of my finger. A moan escaped my lips. Why, why, why, couldn’t he make me feel like this?

          I woke up feeling guilty as hell remembering the events from last night. I rolled over to see that Raymond had already gone off to work. So much for making him breakfast. I wanted to make it up to him, even though he wouldn’t know my reasoning behind the kind gesture. Maybe I’ll surprise him with lunch since I’ll be working from home today. I tapped my phone to check the time. Damn, 9:02. I stretched and forced myself to get out of bed. At least I had two hours to get ready and meet Raymond at the office. Well, an hour and a half. I might as well steal a few moments with Big Shawn since I’m already feeling guilty. By the time I got dressed, it was a quarter before noon, I dressed really sexy but professional for the occasion. I knew that Raymond would love the fact that I wore a skirt and I knew that he would take advantage of the opportunity.

        I made it downtown in no time at all, speeding most of the way to make up the time. I tapped the side button on my Tesla key fob to lock the doors, once I found a parking spot in the underground parking garage closest to the elevators. I used the elevator doors to make sure everything was on point.

        “Yes, I look damn good”, I said smoothing my hair and flipping it behind my shoulder.
As soon as the elevator doors opened, I was greeted by the sound of ringing phones and the quiet chatter of office politics.

        “Good afternoon, thank you for calling Turner and Welsh, please hold.”
I waved to Kimberly, the receptionist and walked down the hallway towards Raymond’s office.

        When I got to the end of the hallway Raymond was with a small group of men and shaking hands with some Italian looking guy in a bad ass midnight blue suit and I bet he was probably as rich as he looked. I stood off to the side and waited for the gentlemen to finish up their conversation.

       “You’ve defiantly helped persuade me”, the Italian guy chuckled, “this is unusual.”

        “What can I say, man?” Raymond said, sounding as giddy as a school girl.
I sighed. Raymond was looking fine, actually too fine… I don’t remember that suit. Raymond’s eyes did a double take, that caused the Italian guy to look too. I struggled to keep my composure as I watched the men exchange whispers. He was gorgeous. He looked as if he might have been in his mid-thirties, short stylish hair, short on the sides, short stubble trimmed and neat, sexy thick lips. As they walked towards me I couldn’t help but look at him.

        He stood with perfect posture at about 6’2, I could tell because Raymond was 6’1.

      “Hey. Julian, this is my fiancé Jye Camden, Jye this is Julian Galliano.” Julian extended his hand for me to shake.

        “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Galliano.” I felt my heart skip a beat when he touched my hand. What the fuck?

        “You too Miss Camden”, his grip was firm but gentle.

For a moment I was taken aback. His eyes were green, but not truly green. They were a grayish green, like smoke and the rifle it came from. A muted silver green, like fresh sage. They were the most intense pair of green eyes I’d had ever seen. I forced my eyes to pry away from his, hopefully, Raymond hadn’t noticed me staring at him like that.

       “I’ll see you soon Raymond. Miss Camden”, Julian smiled at me as he walked away. I felt the back of my neck getting hot. Was I attracted to him?

        “Hey, baby, what’s up?” Raymond asked touching the small of my back making me jump. “You alright?”

        “Yeah, I’m fine babe.”
Snap the fuck out of it Jye! I turned my attention to Raymond.

        “I thought we could have lunch since I’m not going to be in the office today.”

        “Aw, baby, I wish you would have called me. I’m actually about to meet up with Julian for lunch, I gotta close this deal babe.”
I felt a tad bit disappointed, “from the looks of it you already closed the deal.”

        “Yeah, well if we get this guy’s investment it will make all the difference in the world.”
I sighed.

        “I really wanted some sex babe, but I guess it’ll have to wait.” And now I really want some.

        “Damn baby”, Raymond growled in frustration. “Look, how about, I make it up to you. I’ll be home a little late, but I’ll pick you up around eight, for dinner.”

        “Okay, that’s fine”, I rolled my eyes.
Raymond lifted my chin so that I was looking up at him.

        “I’ll make it up to you baby”, he whispered being seductive.
I nodded my head in agreement and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

        Damn, I should have called, I thought as I walked back to my car. I tapped the side of my fob to unlock the doors. What the fuck? I tapped it again, still nothing. I growled in frustration. Why the hell won’t the handles slide out?

        “Should I call the police or should I put this on YouTube?”
I turned around to see Mr. Galliano standing there with his arms folded across his chest and his fingers pressed to his lips staring at me in amusement.

        “What?” I looked him up and down and gave him a, “what the fuck did you just say to me?” look.

        “That’s my car, you’re trying to unlock”, he said chuckling like I just told a joke or something.
I turned to look back at the car and then around to see where my car was at. Of course.

        “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying any attention. My mind is somewhere else. My car is right over there”, I said pointing to my identical car, three cars over from his.

        “That’s okay. You have good taste”, he smiled.

          I smiled back, “You do too.”

        “I do“, he smiled.

Okay, this is going far enough. “Okay, enjoy your lunch Mr. Galliano”, I said turning to walk away.

         “It’s Julian.”

          “Okay Julian, enjoy.”

          “See you around, Jye.”
I smiled and waved back at him. As soon as I got into my car I felt the back of my neck. That man is just too damn fine for his own good. I wouldn’t go that route anyway.

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