SLIP- short story chapter 4

Chapter 4

     All day I keep replaying the events of today in my head. Just thinking about how Julian fucked me on the job was inconceivable. I toyed with the different excuses I could use on Raymond, to get out of the house for a couple of hours while Julian and I played our hunger games. As soon as the day ended, I was already on the prowl to get home to that shoe box in the back of my closet, but first, I needed to check and see if Raymond made plans to be home on time tonight. As soon as I got in my car, I called Raymond’s cell phone.

     “Hey baby”, Raymond said picking up on the first ring.

     “Hey babe, how’s work going?” I asked sounding extra chipper.

     “Ah, it’s good. Actually really good, I was just about to call you.”

     “Oh, really? Why? You on your way home to me baby?” I asked fishing for his plans for tonight.

     “Naw baby, I wish I was. Landing this new account –it’s going to be difficult to break out of here early tonight. I’m sorry”, he apologized.

     “Is it because of Mr. What’s-his-face?” I asked playing like I had forgotten his name.

     “Yeah. Julian Gallino babe”, he chuckled, “some of us here have been pulled aside to work on an additional project for him.”

     “Oh, that sounds exciting babe!”

     “Yeah, it is. It’s a real big break for us as an investment firm.”

     “It is… so what does that mean? I’m being put on the back burner tonight?”

     “Aw, babe don’t say it like that… I would rather be loving you if you know what I mean”, he whispered.

     “Yeah, yeah. I know when I’m not wanted”, I joked. “Besides, I could use some girl time anyway. I mean I haven’t hung out with Casandra in a while”, I said thoughtfully.

     “I thought you hated hanging out with her. You said she was a narcissistic bitch”, he said recalling the conversation I had the last time we hung out together.

     “Damn, you’re right. I did say that huh? Well, I’m sure I’ll find something to do babe. Speaking of, I have to go. I’ll be home in a couple of minutes. I need to take a shower, I’m a little tense from work.”

      “Really? You sound like you had a good day today.”

     “I-I did, you know, I’m just a little flustered, that’s all. I had a long meeting today.”

     “Oh, I’m sorry baby–” he said with sympathy.

     “Oh, no babe it wasn’t bad, I’m just a little beat.” I laughed to myself at the paronomasia.

     “Alright, babe. You should take a long shower and maybe take a nap, then see how you feel afterward”, he suggested.

     “You know what? You’re right, maybe I will take a nap. See, that’s why I love you. You always know what’s good for me.”

     “That I do. But hey baby I gotta go, I’ll call you– or call me later after your nap.”

     “Okay baby.”

     “Love you.”

     “Love you too.”

  Got ’em.

As soon as I walked into the house, I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs to retrieve the cell phone. There was already a text message from Julian.

Julian: Meet me tonight @7pm. Take the freeway until u get to Parish Rd, drive 2 miles out and txt me when ur close. See you soon J.

This time I wasn’t going to be wearing any panties.

     What are you thinking Jye? I thought to myself. As if twice, wasn’t enough. I smiled to myself. It wasn’t enough. Although pressed for time, I could tell Julian could satisfy my hunger. He had a certain way about him. He was attentive and passionate. He made me feel desired and not just an object for him to fuck, ironically.

     In my rearview mirror, I saw a pair of head lights in the distance. I smiled. Who else would be way out here in no man’s land? Better yet, why was Julian having me meet him so far out like this? Send a text message, I listened for the chime from my Bluetooth. “I’m here, I assume you are too.”

     Fuck! I heard the quick chirp of the siren and flashing blue and red lights behind me. I’ll be damned if I wasn’t paying attention to the speed limit, but I couldn’t have been going that fast could I? I pulled over on the right shoulder off the road. Just my luck. I watched as the police officer got out of his parole car taking his sweet precious time. I glanced at the time on the touchscreen, 6:56. Wow, just fucking wow. Maybe this was a sign I shouldn’t be out here in the middle of no damn where chasing dick. But good dick, real good dick. The police officer tapped on my window and motioned for me to roll it down.

     “Good evening officer.”

     “Evening ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over?”

I could tell by the look on his face that I wasn’t getting out of this ticket.

     “Honestly, I wasn’t paying any attention to the speed limit, I apologize.”

     “Ma’am, the speed limit out here is fifty-five. You where going fifteen miles over the speed limit. I need to see your license and registration.”

     I reached into the glove compartment to get my registration and handed him my license. I watched the officer get back into his car before I sent Julian a text, letting him know I was going to be late. After a couple of minutes, the officer walked back over to my car.

     “Ma’am I’m gonna to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.”

What the fuck? Are you kidding me?

     “You can turn the car off, ma’am.”

     “I don’t understand. Am I being arrested?” I asked unsure of why I was being pulled out of my car.

     “Ma’am, can you come over here with me for a moment? You’re not under arrest but I am going to have to ask you to get into the back, while I get this straightened out.”

     “Excuse me?

     “Ma’am, I’m not arresting you but for my safety and yours, I need you to get into the back seat of the car. There seems to some kind of mistaken identity.”

     Just then a second patrol car pulled up with their brights on. This is some bullshit! I tried my best not to think that this cop had pulled me over because I’m black and in the middle of nowhere.

     “Ma’ma do you have any weapons in the car?”

 Oh shit.

      “I have a taser in my purse and a can of pepper spray”, I said nervously.

He got out of the car and began shining a flashlight into my car. Yeah, this is definitely a sign. Just then, the second police officer shined a bright light on me causing me to shield my eyes.

     “I’m going to have to detain you, Ms. Camden.”


I paused for a second, his voice was distinctive and familiar. I heard the sound of the second cruiser start up and pull off. The officer finally took the blinding light off me so I could get a good look at him.


     “How? H-how?” I stuttered in shock.

     “Shhh. You’re under arrest. You have the absolute right to remain silent or scream, no one will be able to hear you but just know, that anything you say, will and can be used against you in the court of law. Do you understand the rights you have been given?” He asked with a sexy smile. I nodded and smiled.


     “Now, I’mma reach over here and turn these lights off. If you try to run, I’ll make you pay for it.”

“Oh, I’m not running from the law”, I said excitedly.

I watched as Julian reached over and turned off the lights.

   “Now spread em'”, he said using a baton to spread my legs as he used his other hand to slide my long pencil skirt up.

     “I assume, no laws were broken?” I asked.

     “No, you’ve broken several laws here. It’s dangerous to be out here this time of night with no panties on.”

     “Well, it’s a good thing you’re here right?”

     “Yes, ma’am. It’s my duty to protect and serve.”

     I felt Julian run his fingers along the folds of my pussy and spread my lips. He gently used the tip of his tongue to play with my clit. The simple flick of his tongue sent all kinds of tingles through me. I used my hands to push his head further into me, the unexpected twitching in my legs only made me desire him more.

     “Don’t make me have to handcuff you ma’am”, he said pushing my hands up over my head.

     Then it dawned on me. We’re about to have sex in a police car! I did as I was told and played along. Julian continued to lick me, giving me what I wanted. I smelled the familiar smell of latex and heard it snap into place. Julian continued to lick and suck my pussy until I begged him to take it out.

     “I want it“, I moaned.

     “You want it?” He smiled.

      “Yessss“, I hissed.

He reached up and took off his dark t-shirt exposing a tiger on his chest. I fingered the raised skin from the tattoo and sat up to kiss his chest. He pushed me down gently and tapped the head of his dick on my clit.

     “You’ve been warned.”

     The rapid tapping on my clit with his dick made me squirt. I moaned with delight. It was the first time in years, that I came like that. Julian slid his hard dick in and out of my pussy, occasionally tapping my clit, making me cum repeatedly.

     I couldn’t take it anymore, “fuck me, Julian!”

     “That’s all I wanted to hear”, he smiled.

He entered me gently at first and then fucked me something fierce. His rhythm of love and hate broke me, I couldn’t help but scream.

     “Ah, ah, ah, ah!” I screamed, digging my nails into the tough leather of the police car.

     “Fuck!”, he growled in my ear.

     “Turn over!” He demanded.

     I was quick to do what he wanted. It felt so damn good to have a man control me. He grabbed a handful of my hair. Usually, I would have been pissed if Raymond tried some shit like that after I had just done it, but tonight, this was Julian’s pussy, he could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

     “Is this okay?” Julian asked breaking character.

Aw, how sweet of him to ask me.

     “It’s real baby”, I said arching my back.

     The feeling of him entering me was orgasmic. I felt my walls throbbing on the verge of cumming again. I guess he really wasn’t lying about how many times he could make me cum. Julian took his time with me, sliding in and out but hard at the same time. The force was so hard, I felt the slap of his balls against my clit. The intensity caused me to inch away from him but there was nowhere to go in the tight space in the back seat of the cruiser.

     “Julian! Julian! Oh, Julian!” I screamed.

Three fucking hours later… I knew I was fucked, but damn was it worth it. I sat uncomfortably in my seat waiting for the “real” police officer to write me a ticket.

     “Don’t worry about the ticket, I’ll take care of it”, Julian said leaning over me to give me a kiss on the lips.

     “See you later?” He asked.

    “Yeah”, I said dreamily.

     “Alright have a good night. Text me when you’re ready”, he said before closing my driver door.

     I sighed, “yeah.”

     I sat there for a moment trying to decipher what just happened. After I came to, I checked my phone. I had three missed calls and two text messages from Raymond.


I dialed Raymond and he picked up on the first ring.

     “Baby? You alright?”

     “Yeah babe I’m fine”, I said with an attitude.

     “What’s wrong? What happened? Where are you?” Raymond said sounding worried, confused and upset at the same time.

     “I got turned around on Parish and got a speeding ticket.”

     “Why were you out there?” He asked suspiciously.

     “I was being nice and taking Jessica out the way to her boyfriend’s house and I got turned around on my way back. I thought I knew my way back without using the GPS”, I lied thinking quick on my feet.


     “I thought something happened to you Jye.”

     “Babe I’m fine. I called her last minute to catch a chick flick.”

     “Why didn’t she drive?” Raymond asked catching me off guard. Luckily, I chose the right person. “Raymond…”, I took a deep breath. “…The car accident? Remember?” I heard Raymond breath a sigh of relief,

     “Baby don’t scare me like that again.”

     “I’m sorry babe. Wait until I tell you what happened. Can you believe, that I ended up in the back of a police car tonight?”

     “What?” Raymond said sounding angry.

     “Yes and with a two hundred dollar speeding ticket too! But I’ll tell you about it when I get home. Wait, are you home?”

     “Yeah, I’ve been here. I got off early.”

Damn, not time to shower and I knew I smelled like latex.

     “Alright, I’m on my way baby.”

If I get another ticket, he’s taking care of that one too.


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