SLIP- short story chapter 5

Chapter 5

          All week, I fought with myself. Debating rather or not, I should make another move. I had spent all week trying not to act differently around Raymond but truth was, I couldn’t wait to have Julian inside me again. I craved it. So much so, I wanted to wrap my lips around his dick and suck it until my jaws burned and tingled on the verge of numbness. Luckily, I was able to imagine Julian while I rode Raymond. A couple of times, I had to bite my lip just to keep from screaming his name. I rode Raymond like I was on an episode of Survivor fighting for the win and competing for the cum, but there was only so much my imagination could do. There was nothing imagination could do for the lack of…

I scrolled through the phone to the list of contacts and tapped on “J”. Yes. There was a number. Against my better judgment, I dialed the number using my house phone.

     “The number you have dialed, cannot receive incoming calls at this time. Message 183.”

I decided not to press my luck any further. If I wanted to hear his voice, I would have to see him. I felt my pussy tingle with excitement as I contemplated on how I was going to word my text to him. There was something that I did want. Something that I wanted more than just sex. Question was, rather or not Julian was willing to give me what I wanted.

     “Hollen Rd, just off Chesterland Ln. Tmmrw. Lunchtime. Picnic?” I texted.

          I waited for his response and finished folding the laundry for the day. I knew that I was playing with fire, but I couldn’t help myself. He was just so damn dominant and controlling, along with handsome, Italian and… rich I must admit. His tongue, those lips… I noticed my diamond engagement ring sparkling on my finger while I folded Raymond’s sweater. Fuck! What the hell are you thinking Jye! You’re going to fuck up everything! I felt my heart grow heavy with guilt and I felt a large knot begin to form in my throat. No! You will not be weak! You will be strong. Fuck Raymond! All those times, he cheated on you and lied to your face about it when he knew his ass was caught red-handed! Why should you have to sit there and take it while he reaps the benefits of having a “faithful” fiancé at home folding his muthafuckin’ clothes? I sighed. I’ll make this the last time.

 I reached for the cell phone to see if Julian had responded back, and he had.

     “I’m allergic to strawberries, but you should see what I do with the cream.”

          My first thought was to go into my bathroom and retrieve Big Shaw. And come to think of it, I didn’t even miss him. I sighed at the thought of Julian’s tanned white ass flexing as he buried his dick into me. The way my pussy welcomed him already wet and waiting for him to touch ancient spots that Raymond could never grace, even with a dick pump. I felt my panties begin to collect the moisture that seeped from my pussy. Damn, how does he do that?

          I took a personal day and forwarded all my incoming calls from the office to my cell, just in case Raymond called. Although I told him that I would be in and out of the office, I still wanted him to be able to reach me. I stopped by the market to pick up a few items for the picnic. There as no need to be extravagant, so I kept it simple with a small bottle of sparkling wine, popcorn, and chili flavored chocolates. I debated on rather I should pick up roses but I decided against it. I didn’t want to press my luck seeing as how I didn’t know how far Julian was willing to take this fantasy of mine in the first place. Let alone if he would be willing to go through with it since we were only on the “just fucking” basis.

          When I pulled up Julian was already parked, leaning up against his dark blue Maserati, arms crossed, taking in the view. Damn, I wanted to beat him here. He was more than fifteen minutes early.

     “You’re early”, I called out to him stepping out of the car.

     “And you’re beautiful”, he said walking towards me.

     “Thank you. You’re looking pretty dapper yourself, as usual.”

I popped open the trunk and began taking the bag out.

     “Here, let me help you with that. Why don’t you hold this and let me take care of this”, he suggested handing me a long-stemmed red rose.

          Impressed, I was. He offered to help and bought me a rose. I guess he’s not an idiot like most men after all.

     “As a matter of fact…” He said, literally sweeping me off my feet.

He carried me over to his car and placed me on the hood then removed my heels.

     “…Don’t move”, he cautioned.

I sat there obediently twirling the rose in my fingers and watched him set up the blanket and snacks in no time.

     “Alright, let me help you down”, Julian picked me up once more and placed me gently on the blanket.

          I sighed. Just this alone was romantic enough. He took a seat next to me on the blanket and popped open the bottle of wine and pour a bit into each disposable flute. I took a bite of the chocolate and waited for him to say something, but instead, he took a handful of popcorn and sipped on his wine.

     “Thank you for taking care of that ticket Julian”, I said breaking the silence.

     “Perks of the game”, he shrugged.

     “Speaking of the game… why do you–”

     “–I’m bored with marriage”, he said flatly, answering my question before I could get the rest of it out.

     “So why not leave?”

The words flew boldly out of my mouth before I could stop them. He took another sip of his wine and turned to look at me.

     “Because we have a daughter. I know that Rebecca could never take care of our daughter on her own, not the way that she should or needs be taken care of. I have a chance to give my daughter the best opportunity at life with both of her parents still alive and well. Who am I to take that away from her just because of my own shortcomings in my marriage? I’m a man. I have a responsibility to my daughter. She owes me nothing. I owe her everything. Starting with a decent childhood.”

I nodded my head in amazement and admiration.

     “Does your wife know…anything?”

     “She’s a pain in my ass but a patient woman that tolerates my vices and such. I have my games, she has her… houses, dresses, child, husband, and access to whatever she wants. What about you Jye? You seem happy enough on the outside. What’s got you so hot and bothered… besides me”, he chuckled. He held his hands up in defense, “I’m just teasing you. Why are you unhappy?”

I watched Julian pick up my rose and start plucking off the petals one by one tossing them behind him.

     “I am unhappy. For once, I just want to be satisfied and not yearn for more or something different.”

     “We’re human. It’s never going to be enough.”

     “You have a point, but sex is so important you know? I know that most women are fine with just having a relationship with the same old routine weekend sex, but I crave it. I think about it constantly. How it feels in my mouth. Running my tongue along the pulsating veins and cum threatening to burst into my mouth at any moment. The way your dick feels, filling me up and suffocating me at the same time. It’s fucking excruciating to think about after you just had sex five minutes ago, knowing that he gave his best and that’s all that you’re ever going to get for the rest of your life. It’s not enough.”


     “So why don’t I just leave right? It’s just not worth it to leave right now… or call it love. I don’t know. Familiarity, comfort…I don’t know.”

I watched the last rose pedal fall onto the blanket.

     “For once I just want to be–”

Before, I could say anything else Julian gave me a long deep kiss that made me forget that he wasn’t mine. He passionately caressed my face with his hands and stroked my hair.

          “You’re worth so much more”, he said looking at me with those green eyes of his.

         I teased his lips with my tongue and reached for his belt but he stopped me. Laying me down, he took my hands in his and lifted my arms above my head while his fingers were still interlocked with mine as he trailed kisses down my neck to my cleavage. He released my hands and began to unbutton the buttons on my blouse.

          I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of the rose petals spread all over the blanket. So this was happening, I thought with excitement. I felt my emotions rise to the surface as I fought hard to swallow them back down with no luck. Eventually, I let myself get lost in Julian and pretended that he was my husband, occasionally glancing at my ring and his so that it felt real in this moment. I was so wrapped up in kissing his soft thick lips that I was shocked when Julian slipped his dick inside of me and I actually felt the difference between his two fingers and his dick versus Raymond’s three fingers and his dick. I came hard as soon as I noticed that Julian wasn’t wearing a condom. He stroked me slowly and deeply making my nipples tingle. I moaned a throaty moan and released another stream of cum while clutching a handful of the blanket and rose petals.

Jyyyeee“, he moaned in my ear.

“Yes baby”, I answered him.

I couldn’t hold my moans in long enough to see if Julian had actually wanted to say something. I opened my eyes to see Julian looking like he was concentrating hard on my face. His look was so intense as I gazed into his depths of green. I wish I was marrying Julian instead. I closed my eyes shut and moaned but this time in embarrassment. I can’t believe I just thought that. I opened my eyes to see that Julian was still looking down at me so I grabbed his face and kissed him again. Julian slid his hand underneath my back and slowly began to rise me up onto his lap. He picked me up and shuffled his way to my car and placed me on the hood and began to stroke the hell out of me.

          Although Julian sped up a bit, he still stroked me deeply making me squirt every time he pulled out completely. I unclasped the hook in the front of my bra as my breast spilled free. Julian licked his thumb on his left hand and lifted the hood of my clitoris. Then licked his finger on his right hand and began to gently massage the head of my clitoris adding more stimulation with his saliva. I arched my back so that he was pressing against my g-spot and within seconds he knew exactly how to adjust his stroke so that he could make me cum almost on command. I felt Julian adjust himself and as badly as I wanted this to last forever, I could tell he was coming close to the finish line. He fucked me hard and rough. I marveled at his muscles flexing through his damp t-shirt and his face glistening with sweat. After one last thrust, he quickly slid out of me covering the tip of his dick with his hand and exhaled sharply as he came.

          I watched out the corner of my eye as Julian rinsed his hand and his dick with the last of the sparkling wine. I struggled to gain my composure and quickly buttoned up my blouse. He had me trembling. I now understood the reason to have a cigarette after sex. I could feel my swollen tender clitoris throbbing and rubbing in between my lips. After we dressed, he wrapped me up in his arms embracing me in a long hug.

     “Have dinner with me tomorrow. Are you free?” He asked with soft eyes.

     “Of course”, I said without a consideration of how my day was set up for tomorrow.

     “Good. I’ll see you around six?” He smiled.

     “I’ll be there.”

     “I’ll text you the place.”

     “As usual”, I smiled getting into my car.


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