SUCC -short story chapter 1


Chapter 1

            We stood in front of the huge wooden doors that opened to our grandmother’s creep fest of a “mansion”. I waited for my oldest sister Vivian to open the doors so we could finally move our stuff in.

  “Are you doing it right? I mean how hard is it to open?” TaKasha bitched.

  “You know what? Here, you open it then! It won’t move”, Vivian snapped backhanding TaKasha the key.

  I sighed, “really? I swear, sometimes, I forget you two are my big sisters. Move outta the way”, I huffed taking the key, pushing past the both of them. I jiggled the skeleton key and lifted the door handle up and to the right.

Whoosh! The door opened causing a loud bang that echoed through the foyer. I rubbed my arms trying to rid myself of the eerie feeling.

  “Is it just me, or does it feel weird being here?” TaKasha said holding her arms too.

  “No it’s definitely not just you”, Vivian agreed.

  “Yeah. It was different when grandma was alive, but now that she’s dead… it’s creepy here”, I chimed in.

  “Well, first things first…”, Vivian clapped.

We all looked at each other with that knowing look.

  “No! No! No!” I shrieked! “You know we’re not supposed to go into that room!”

  “Who’s going to stop us?” TaKasha said flipping her long black hair over her shoulder dramatically.

I rolled my eyes, “You bitches–”

  “Yo’ mama’s a bitch, don’t be mad”, Vivian said with just as much drama as Takasha.

  “And if yo’ mama’s a bitch then you’s a bitch”, TaKasha rolled her neck and pointed her finger at me.

  “Bitch!” They said in unison.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest. Who said being the baby was fun?

  All my life, I felt like an outcast. Weird, corky kid with glasses type deal right? No, exactly the opposite. My sister’s and my freakishly weird family have been gifted the… I don’t know, what do you call it? Blessing? To put it out there, we’re beautiful. Every single last person down to the damn dog is beautiful. How is that even possible? I mean sure, you would expect that there is at least a cousin, an uncle… adopted kid… bald headed step child…nope! Nothing. For example, my sisters and I are two years apart. Vivian the bitch is twenty-seven, TaKasha the troublemaker is twenty-five and I Twila, I’m twenty-three. Obviously, there’s an age difference but we’re almost identical. It’s weird! I can honestly say that we are equally beautiful. Like three exotic looking freaks! We all have long jet black hair that’s bone straight and fine, Sienna colored skin, long limbs, and perfect figures. Our mother had the same look about her when she was around our age, long jet black hair and dark brown skin. Unfortunately, she died just before I turned five. So besides grandma, I have no idea how I’m going to look as I age, but one thing is for sure, grandma dead looking like the Diva she always was.

  “Let’s go!” Vivian said heading straight for the grand staircase.

The dreaded staircase. By the time we got to the third floor we were all winded.

  “Do you think we should invest in an elevator?” TaKasha asked holding her chest.

  “No! I’m not wasting my inheritance on that. Essentially, exercise is good for us– “

  “Grrrrr!!!! How are you related to us?” TaKasha growled at me.

  “And see ladies and gentlemen… there you have it. Only dogs growl, and that makes you a–”

“–Would you two just stop it! Help me open this door! None of the keys are working.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed, yet again the challenged is having a hard time. You had one job! Nice! I held out my hand for the large set of keys. I jiggled the first key in the hole, then the second, then the third… ten keys later, still no go.

  “Well, I guess it’s not meant to be”, I shrugged.

  “Help me kick it down Kash.”

  “Wait, you guys can’t kick down grandma’s door!” This was crazy! Seriously! Over a room? I admit I did want to know what was in there, but I didn’t want to die to find out nor was I willing to work this hard.

  “First of all this is our house now–”

  “Mansion”, TaKasha corrected Vivian.

  “And secondly, if you don’t want to find out then don’t watch. You can go back to your books and stay in your room. Either way, this door is coming down.”

And this is why my sisters are bitches.

  “Fine, but I didn’t take part in this”, I muttered.

  “Now, on my count Kash. 1, 2, 3!


  “That was easy”, Vivian smiled.

I stood there not happy at all about what they had just done.

  “Come on, you know you want to look”, TaKasha said holding my hand.

  “Ready?” Vivian said taking TaKasha’s hand.


  “Whoa! Did you feel that?” TaKasha croaked.

  “Yeah what was that?” I asked.

  “I’m not sure, but I did feel it. It felt like a surge of energy or something”, Vivian said holding her chest.

  “Ew, ew, ew! I fucking hate spiders!” TaKasha yelped shaking her hand free of a dangling spiderweb.

  “Look at all this stuff“, I marveled.

          The room was like walking into a scene from Tales of the Crypt. There were books and antiques on old wooden bookshelves. Trunks and boxes scattered throughout the small room and all the spider webs you needed to make a haunted house. I walked over to a small table by the dust covered window.

  “What is this? A book of spells?” I wondered out loud. I picked up the dusty large brown book and noticed that it probably hadn’t been moved in years. “Succubus?” I read the worn gold leaf lettering on the book. I casually flipped through the antiqued pages. What kind of shit was grandma in to?

                 “In the beginning, there was La’don, one of many from the fallen. Then there was Asiya. A curse to many, but a Godsend to La’don. She would make her mark on mankind and condemn anyone who dares risk their frail human heart for hers. A demon, a spawn, a castaway out of Heaven for promiscuity and her sexual wellbeing. She was a mistake bound by the blood of God, but a heathen and the child of the devil.”

          I closed the book and examined it. It was thicker than the Bible with leather peeling away from the bonding that held it together, exposing bits of tattered paper material. There was another book to the right of that with some foreign language in it.

Accedat spiritus patris tui et matris tuae La’don Asiya nobis habitet in perpetuas aeternitates. Sunt enim qui nati sunt tibi. Possumus semper cecidit. Incubus et succubus. Ut resurgat!

Incubus and Succubus? I thought. What in the hell? Did she believe in Succubi and Incubi? This didn’t look like a book of fictional characters.

  “Viv, can you take a look at this for a moment? I handed Vivian the book and watched her read the inscription and flip through several of the handwritten pages. “What does it say?” I asked after several minutes of Vivian not saying anything.

 “It’s Latin. It says, “Let the spirit of thy Father La’don and thy mother Asiya dwell within us for all eternity. For we are the children born unto thee. May we always remember the Fallen. Incubus and Succubus. We will rise”. “

  “So what does that mean?” I asked looking down at the handwritten scripture.

  “I’m not entirely sure. I think we should take uncle Jeremiah up on his offer.”

  “Do you think he would have any idea what all this is about?” I asked with uncertainty.

  “I mean, grandma is his mother, right? He might know something.”

  “You do have a point. Kasha what do you think?” I turned to see TaKasha trying on some of grandmother’s jewelry.

  “Really? Have you been listening to anything that we’ve been saying?”

I took a necklace from her and put it back into the wooden box on the bookshelf.

Kasha huffed, “why are you guys making such a big deal out of this anyway. Big deal, grandma-like demons, witchcraft, and succubus, scary”, she said mocking us with a haunted, “ooooh” and wiggling her fingers.

I turned my lip in disgust and wiggled the fingers on my left hand back at her.

  “Ow!” Kasha grabbed her arm and began to rub it.

I looked down at my hand with long manicured lime green nails. “What?” I asked.

  “I’m not sure… did you just shock me?”

  “How could I have shocked you and I’m standing over here?”

  “I don’t know. When you did this–”, she wiggled her fingers and suddenly I felt a shock too.

Ow!” I grabbed my arm in pain.

  “You felt that? You really felt that?” TaKasha asked looking at her own manicured nails.

  “What the hell are ya’ll going?” Vivian asked with her hands on her hips.

  “We gotta show her”, TaKasha beamed.

  “Show me what?”

  “Well we can’t both do it”, I said curious to see where this was going.

  “Why not”, TaKasha smirked.

I smirked too. We wiggled our fingers towards her.

  “OW! What the fuck was that?” Vivian yelped rubbing her arm.

  “I don’t know. Some kind of static electricity of some sort. I don’t know”, I said looking down at my hands.

Vivian looked down at her hands and wiggled both of them at us.

We flew back immediately, making books and little old trinkets fly off the bookshelves and onto the floor along with us.

Vivian stared down at her hands, “Scientifically, I can’t explain what the hell just happened, there’s no static that I know of that could have caused this.”

  “Scientifically, you couldn’t explain anything but…” I let my voice trail off as I fixed my hair in a dusty old mirror.

  “Alright, smart ass you explain it then”, Vivian challenged.

  “Static electricity”, TaKasha chimed in.

  “I doubt that it has anything to do with static electricity. We had no physical contact. If I had to make a guess, I would say that maybe the force of energy that we felt when we entered the room might have something to do with it, but I’m not for certain, so I’ll chalk this up to an unexplained freakish phenomenon. All the more reason to validate my conclusion that this mansion is fucking creepy.”

  “I think maybe we should call uncle Jeremiah about all of this”, Vivian suggested.

  “And tell him what? That your mother was into some weird, freaky succubus shit and her attic has an unexplained electrical force field in it? Yeah okay”, I rolled my eyes.

  “Maybe not about the whole electrical thing but we can ask.”

  “I agree with Vivian, Twi, there is a lot about succubus up here. Maybe we can donate it or something, maybe even sell it. He’s got to know something about it. I mean, I rather ask than box it up and give it away.”

I shook my head, I knew my sisters were right but for some reason, I got this odd feeling, I didn’t want to meddle in whatever shit grandma was into.

  “Look, if grandma wanted to keep it a secret she would have done a better job of hiding it and not just keep it behind a locked door”, Vivian added.

  “She did leave us the house. She could have given it to anyone”, TaKasha pointed out.

I shrugged. What was the big deal?

  “Okay, call uncle Jeremiah. The faster we get settled in here and make it our own, the less freaked out I’ll be about living here. In the meantime, I must admit, these books do look pretty cool.”

  TaKasha smirked an rolled her eyes at me, “you’re such a nerd”.

  “Yeah well, ignorance is bliss.”

I felt a shock on my ass followed with laughter from the both of them.

I gave the finger and headed downstairs to my new room, wrapping my arms tightly around the books. If one thing was for certain, I doubted that this Succubus book was just some old fictional piece of literature that someone just happened to write.


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Copyright© 2017 Brittany A.L


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