SUCC- short story chapter 2

Chapter 2

          “When he said train, you know, I was thinking something out of the Polar Express, not this.” I mused, looking around at the luxury lounge. The suite on the train was almost as big as a one bedroom apartment with a sitting room, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and a mini bar. It was absolutely spectacular and no doubt expensive with all its fancy decor trimmed in cream marble and gold with cream cashmere seating.

  “You know what? I was thinking the same thing. This is really nice”, Vivian said taking a seat on the chaise.

  “And really expensive. I know that we come from money and all, but how much money do you think Uncle Jeremiah has?” TaKasha said making her claim on the full-size bed.

  “We inherited over three hundred million dollars from grandma so I’m sure she gave a nice chunk of the estate to her only son–” Vivian pointed out.

  “Yeah especially since he’s her only living child…” TaKasha added.

  “Do any of you think this is weird? I’ve been trying to act like it doesn’t matter but our family pretty much kept their wealth a secret from us”, I wondered out loud.

  “What are you talking about? You knew we had money. We’re practically rich”, TaKasha said looking at me like I was stupid.

  “There’s a difference between being rich and being wealthy. We are beyond rich. The three hundred million is until we turn thirty and for Viv, that’s only three years from now. It never said how much we would inherit after that. Only that we would have access to one hundred percent of the inheritance and that we would receive a fourth of the inheritance now. Didn’t you read the fine print? Technically we are billionaires”, I huffed.

  “I’m a divaire“, TaKasha huffed back.

  “What? That’s not even a word!” I rolled my eyes.

  “Don’t pay any attention to her Twi. I get what you mean though. It is weird. Especially since we weren’t brought up to know anything about our family having money. I thought the same as you. I knew we were rich but not like that. We were never able to talk about it. Besides, like grandma said, “what do children need to know about money?” “

  “I miss grandma”, I sulked.

I felt my eyes water. It was so hard to lose grandma especially since grandma didn’t even look that old. She died looking so young.

  “I miss grandma too”, Vivian said quietly.

   “I miss her too but we’ll see her again one day”, TaKasha said laying back on the bed. “I wonder how many people had orgasms on this bed?”

  “Do you just always have to say what’s on your mind at that very moment?” I asked.

  “No, but I really don’t want to talk about grandma being dead right now either. It’s bad enough we have to live in her house without her. I would give all that money back just to have grandma back, but that’s not going to bring her back. So right now yes, I am thinking about how many people fucked on this bed underneath me.”

        I felt bad. TaKasha wasn’t the one to show emotion or be serious when it came to things like death. I never knew she felt like that. Vivian and I both were silent. I guess we were both shocked by TaKasha’s honestly. I looked at both of my beautiful sisters. If I were to ever lose them… I would lose myself too I guess. I picked up my headphones and one of the Succubus books that I had brought along with me for the train ride and laid on the bed with TaKasha. Although my sisters drive me crazy, I would never replace them.

          When we finally arrived at uncle Jeremiah’s house– I mean castle, we just stood there shocked and I’m sure we were probably thinking the same thing. I don’t think our family needed to ever worry about money or running out of it.

  “Well, if all else fails, maybe we could move in with uncle Jeremiah”, Vivian mumbled.

I pressed the button on the side of the door. After a short moment, a voice came out of nowhere.

  “Hillard’s residence, may I help you?”

  “Oh hi, it’s Twila, TaKasha, and Vivian. We’re here to see our uncle… Jeremiah”, I spoke unsure of where to speak to.

  “I think they know who our uncle is, it’s his castle”, TaKasha coughed sarcastically.

  “Shhhh!” I shushed her.

The door opened and we were greeted by a handsome looking man in his forties or so dressed in a black blazer, black pants and a black, white and blue floral button down. He was exceptionally dressed and had a professional presence about him.

  “Good afternoon ladies. I’m the castle manager Paul Alexander, Principle Jeremiah will be down in a moment. Would you ladies like a refreshment of some sort?”

“No thank you”, I stared at him in amusement. House manager? My God, I guess you would need a staff for a residence this size.

  “No thanks”, TaKasha said looking behind him at the rest of the house.

He turned to look at Vivian for her response and she too was taking in the large room and peering into the several rooms beyond.

  “Oh uh, no thanks. How many rooms does this place have?” She wondered out loud.

  “Sixty two”, he answered.

  “Wow“, she marveled.

  “May I get your names again? If I may be frank? Are you triplets?” He asked.

We laughed in unison.

  “No, but we do get that a lot. I’m Vivian the oldest and these are my sisters TaKasha and Twila.

  “Forgive me, if I get your names wrong”, he smiled. “Very well then, make yourselves at home”, he gestured to the rest of the house as he walked away.

I don’t know about them but I didn’t know rather sit, look around or just stand there and wait. This place was huge! I decided on the safest option and just stood there. TaKasha and Vivian had the same idea in mind, they stood there with me looking around the huge room.

          “Hello, my beautiful nieces!” My uncle seemed to appear out of nowhere with open arms.

Okay, wait pause. I’m not trying to be weird or anything but uncle Jeremiah is way too beautiful to be human. He was gorgeous. Almost God like. I wondered how many women died when they saw him.

He chuckled, “welcome, I know it was a long trip so I won’t trouble you with a lengthy tour right now, maybe later. Come, follow me”, he gestured down the hall.

TaKasha nudged Vivian and mouthed, “he’s fucking fine!”

Instinctively I flicked my finger in her direction and her eyes widen in surprise and she reached for her shoulder.

  “You felt that?” I mouthed.

She flicked her own finger and zapped me back on my shoulder. So what the hell does this mean? We have some kind of power? I wondered.

  “Yes”, Uncle Jeremiah said as we reached the grand sitting room.

  “Do you ladies want anything? Hot chocolate? Something to eat? Anything?”

  “No, we’re fine, Paul already asked”, Vivian spoke up for us.

  “Okay, well if you want anything, just say it out loud, no need to wait around for someone to come.” So–”

  “Wait? What do you mean just say it out loud? You mean just say it?” TaKasha asked with uncertainty in her voice.

  “Exactly”, he said simply.

  “Wait, help me understand. So if I said, I don’t know… I want a Cherry Vanilla Pepsi it will just appear?” TaKasha raised her eyebrow incredulously.

  “Of course not. You have to give it a minute or two but my staff here have, let’s just say that the staff here has impeccable talents.

Supersonic hearing, I thought sarcastically.

  “Precisely”, he said.

I looked at him curiously.

He smiled at me with a perfect row of white teeth. I agree with TaKasha, there’s no way that you could look at him and think nothing of him. He was too gorgeous.

          “So, what brings you, ladies, here? I didn’t expect you here so soon”, he said gesturing for us to take a seat as he took a seat on a large leather sofa that looked super expensive.

We took a seat opposite of him on the other large sofa.

  “Well, we wanted to talk to you about grandma, since she was your mother maybe you–”

He coughed and chuckled and then broke out into full-blown laughter.

We looked at him like he was crazy.

  “I’m sorry please continue Viv”, he said sitting up tall and regaining his composure.

Vivian began again hesitantly, ” Grandma… she has these books in her attic and we really don’t know what to do with them–”

  “–Or what they mean. She has a whole bunch of succubus books up there. Like a lot”, TaKasha blurted.

  “I see”, he chuckled again. He looked up at the ceiling, “thank you, Athena, even in death”, he shook his head. “Your grandmother has jokes.”

  “What do you mean?” Vivian wondered.

What the fuck is going on? Who calls their mother by their first name? And why is shit funny? This isn’t making any sense.

  “Alright, alright”, he said laying down on the sofa, putting his feet up and getting comfortable. “Come on, you might as well get comfortable too. You’re going to need more than just air and questions to swallow this. Order something… get a salad, ice cream or whatever he waved.

Neither one of us said a word.

  “Alright maybe later then. Vodka“, he said closing his eyes. “hmmm, with the cherry, that’s fine…no no, make it a double… thank you, Ura.”

We looked around the room to see if there was a speaker or some kind of light to indicate that there was some kind of device that he was speaking into. Who the hell was he talking to?

  “To Ura,” he said with his eyes still closed.

I decided to take a stab in the dark. uncle Jeremiah? Can you read my mind?

“Yes”, he said turning to look in my direction.

I gasped.

  “What?” TaKasha asked looking from me to uncle Jeremiah.

So that means you heard what TaKasha said about you?

  “Why? What did she say?” He sat up and looked amused. “Thoughts are one thing but spoken words? What got past me?”

She mouthed it.

  “She’s the dirty one I assume”, he said, but he said it in my head.

I squealed with excitement. You can hear my thoughts and talk to me without anyone knowing?

  “What the hell is going on?” Vivian demanded.

Fine, let’s let them in. Already you’re my favorite, you’re more like me than I thought but don’t tell your sisters that.

  “I won’t”, I said out loud.

  “Any day now“, Vivian insisted.

  “He can hear our thoughts and read our minds, Viv!” I said excitedly.

  “Then what am I thinking now?” TaKasha challenged him.

  “Technically, I am not Athorna’s brother, she’s my niece and I still could not consider fucking you. The whole incest thing is intriguing but not my style”, said responding to whatever TaKasha was thinking about.

  TaKasha covered her mouth, “Oh my God, he’s not fucking lying!” Then she gasped, “you can talk to me too?”

He turned to look at Viv and the both of them were silent for a moment and then she laughed.

  “How is that possible?” She asked.

Right on cue, a beautiful young woman handed him a glass of vodka I assumed.

  “Big house”, he said reading my thoughts again about how long it took. “Right, it’s not exactly a house TaKasha.”

  “Okay stop doing that, this is so weird”, she giggled.

  “Wait what did you mean by, our mother is your niece? How is that possible?” Vivian questioned.

  “Oh yeah”, TaKasha chimed in.

  “Look, I don’t know why you weren’t let in on the “family secret” or why you were lead to believe that I am your mother’s broth– oh, wait, well now it makes sense”, he sighed.           “The truth is, I’m your grandmother’s brother, her youngest.”

We gasped in unison.

  “No, not adopted, we don’t adopt anyone into our family unless it’s by marriage”, he said answering one of our questions I assumed.

  He looked at us seriously, “we have kind of something like a genetic mutation in our family–”

  “What does that mean?” I wondered out loud.

  “Look I’m trying not to throw too much at you at one time. No one let me in on the fact that you didn’t know any of this. She never told you what we are? What you are?”

  “No, nothing”, we said.

  “Just tell us everything”, I said kind of knowing what he might say. But how could that be possible?

  “First, like I said, I am not your mother’s brother, however, I am still your uncle, your grandmother is my sister–

  “Okay, we caught that the first time. Your parents– how did they– how old are you?” I asked unsure that I was calculating the years right.

Grandma was in her eighties when she died and uncle Jeremiah looked to be in his early forties. That would mean that his parents had to be in their sixties when they had him and I’m not sure that would have been possible for his mother to give birth to him.

  “I’m one hundred and ninety-seven years old”, he boasted without batting an eyelash.

  “Come again?” TaKasha asked with her mouth open in a partial “O”.

  You come from a family of Succubi and Incubi”, he said taking a sip of his drink.

  “As in– demons?” Vivian asked.

  “Hmmm… yes”, he nodded, “that’s what we are but without the negative connotation, at least not in our immediate family.”

  “I don’t feel like a Succubus. Aren’t they suppose to be horny all the time or something?” TaKasha asked.

  “We don’t have sex for recreational purposes, well we do but it’s more so for survival– You’ve just tapped into your magic, yes?”

  “How did you know?” I asked.

  “I know. It’s fresh too. Tell me how did it happen? ” He asked.

Although he sat there looking like he was the God of all Gods he seemed to come off now as a father figure. But how was he our grandmother’s brother? I waited for his response but he ignored my question. Probably because he had already answered it but it was still hard to believe it all.

  “A couple of days ago we were moving into grandma’s mansion and in the attic, we kind of felt this surge of energy.”

  “I see, I assume she kept this room from you?”

  “Yes, she never let us go up there.”

  “And even with the key, we couldn’t get in there.”

  “She had bound it by magic. And apparently, she gave you every ounce of her magic when you opened the door.”

  “Is that why we are able to shock each other?”

  “You’re able to do much more than just “shock”. You have no idea who you are and what you are capable of. You all are direct descendants of Asya. Your grandmother was the Queen of her region.

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