SUCC- short story chapter 3

Chapter 3

           This can’t be happening. Why on earth would this be kept from us only to find out later and out of all the cool things I could have been, I turn out to be a succubus? I actually would have been fine being a vampire and sucking the blood out of innocent people or maybe criminals, but this is way worst. I have to whore myself out to strangers and not for my pleasure but for survival? This was really fucked up. How am I suppose to be okay with this? How was anyone of us suppose to be okay with draining the life out of someone in such an intimate situation?

      “Oh, don’t be too glum little sis it’s only dick”, TaKasha said gyrating her hips.

      “Don’t you have any shame?” I hissed, pointing at uncle Jeremiah.

     “Psshhh! What? He’s family. Besides, he’s the only one that we can talk freely like this around anyway, considering the fact that he’s an incubus which in my opinion is way worst, no offense Unk. He’s almost two hundred years old! How much coochie do you think he’s had over the centuries?”

Even if TaKasha had a point, I was not into having sex recklessly.

      “What do you think Viv?” I asked turning in her direction knowing that she was the level-headed one.

Vivian sat quietly for a moment and turned towards uncle Jeremiah.

      “With this so-called “magic“, are we able to do this without them knowing that we are there?”

      “Vivian! Are you seriously going to consider rape!” I shrieked.

      “Just a question Twi, no one’s raping anyone.”

       “Well, it sure sounds like rape to me if the person is not on board with getting fucked!”

      “Ladies, hold on for just a moment, it’s not all cut and dry, there are rules to all of this”, uncle Jeremiah said calmly holding his hands open. “You don’t have to have sex if you don’t want to.”

I perked up at the sound of that.”You don’t?” Finally some good news.

      “No, not at all. Sex is more like fuel for your powers and for your strength as a succubus. Okay, for example, TaKasha let’s say that you find your power source for the night, you’re powerful enough that you can put him in a trance, meaning that he or she is sleeping–”

      “–I only do men, sorry”, TaKasha said flipping her hair dramatically over her shoulder.

Uncle Jeremiah gave Kasha a knowing look. “You will, woman give off more energy, they have a sweeter kind of power. You’ll find that out soon enough, but for your sake, we’ll say he– so you’ll be able to put him in a trance rather he’s sleeping or not and you can suck the “energy” out of him. That way you will be able to sustain just enough to live a normal life but because you are a succubus you will eventually have to recharge or you can choose to age rapidly.”

      “Is that why you look so young?” Takasha asked. I could tell she was really enjoying learning about her new talents.

      “Yes. I don’t age like a human at all. I age very slowly and when and how I please. Meaning, if I need to age myself, I simply don’t feed.”

Grandma, I thought.

I heard him sigh, “And your mother”, he said looking in my direction. “She didn’t want a life like this at all, so she chose to end her life.”

      “Grandma never told us that she killed herself”, I wondered why she never told us that.

      “What do you mean? She killed herself?” Vivian asked quietly.

      “She didn’t accept her magic. She gave all of her magic to Athena in hopes to live a normal life and against our advice, she did nothing to stop her aging.”

      “How selfish, she couldn’t live for her own daughters?” TaKasha mumbled.

      “You must understand, it was very difficult for her to give you all up, that was the last thing that she wanted to do but she couldn’t take care of you the way that she needed to. She tried, but it was too much for her to handle at the time. She figured that you all would be better off in the hands of Athena and she made her promise never to expose you all to magic.”

      “What about grandma, did she grow tired of living this life too?” I asked.

      “She was three hundred years old when she died, I think she too was just tired of it all. Your grandmother; my sister, waited until you were adults before she decided that it was her time to go. How would it have looked to you all if she had never aged? She would be breaking her promise to her deceased daughter. She aged herself just enough so that it could look like she died from old age.”

We sat in silence for a while processing everything that was told to us. The fact that we were succubus, our mother died because she hated what she had become and because of a promise our grandmother made to our mother, she had to die too. No wonder this sounded more like a curse than a blessing, seeing as how this so-called “power” came from Hell in the first place.

After our bombshell of a night, we went off to bed with a lot of things to think about. We gathered in Vivian’s chambers, there was no way I wanted to sleep alone in this enormous castle. In fact, I don’t think either of us did.

      “Damn that was a load of information huh?” TaKasha asked.

      “Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting something like, grandma had a secret fetish and that her collection was worth a couple of thousand. Not to find out that all the fairytales and horror stories were real.”

      “Or to find out that we were apart of them”, I chimed in.

      “I don’t want my life to be over because of this inherited curse, I rather just roll with the punches and harmlessly suck the life out of someone”, Vivian decided thoughtfully.

      “How can it be harmless? I just don’t get it. I don’t understand it at all”, I huffed.

      “There could be a silver lining in all of this–” TaKasha beamed trying to sound upbeat.

      “What? The fact that we won’t age TaKasha? Or is it the fact that we could be vigilantes and only suck the life out of criminals and bad guys Vivian?”

      “Well, what else do you want to do? Die like mom and grandma? I’m sorry but I still have a life ahead of me and if you choose not to see the bigger picture in all this well then, I can’t stop you from being pessimistic.”

     “Are you listening to yourself Kasha?”

      “Come on, yes it’s fucked up. I know I’m the last one to admit this, but I do have morals too. I don’t necessarily want to give up my goods for power either but genetically we really don’t have a choice.”

      “How about this? Why don’t we just marry someone and keep sucking and fucking him”, TaKasha suggested and I hoped to God she wasn’t serious.

      “Because he will die Kasha!” Viv rolled her eyes.

      “How do you know that?” She said rolling her neck.

      “Because that’s what happened to our father”, I shrugged. “I asked uncle Jeremiah if that’s how daddy died and he said yes.

      “Well, now I feel stupid. I guess I wouldn’t want to live either if I had done that to my husband, let alone the love of my life and the father of my children”, TaKasha frowned at her own ignorance.

      “My point exactly. Now, do you see the bigger picture in that? We can never fall in love”, I said quietly.

      “Let’s just sleep on this, I’m too tired to think with a clear head anyway”, Vivian suggested.

      “Okay”, I gave in. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. This is not how I wanted to spend my life.

      “It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real“, I thought as I laid in bed with my eyes closed. The longer I laid there, the more I became aware of my surroundings. This bed was too soft for me to just be dreaming. My bed didn’t feel like this, nor was it an Alaskan King. Why was all this bed necessary? Then it dawned on me and I was forced to get up even though I really didn’t want to.

      “Right, a bed big enough for a succubus orgy”, I sighed. “I need coffee, better yet a Bellini with more alcohol then juice”, I mumbled out loud.

I walked across the bedroom to the large oversized mirror that stood a little over eight feet tall. I had to admit, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wake up and not think that I was oddly and quite insanely beautiful in the mornings, but lately I– I think that I– had become more beautiful, but is that even possible? I’ve not conceded by any means, but I’m not an idiot either. I am fully aware of how attractive my sisters and I are. I was taught a long time ago not to downplay my looks but strangely enough, I could have sworn I was beginning to look slightly different. There were subtle changes, my eyes looked a little brighter but were the same color, a dark chestnut brown, but my skin seemed to have a noticeable glow to it. I noticed Viv’s and Kasha’s skin too, but I doubt they thought twice about it. I slung my waist long hair over my shoulder and began to plait it into a long side braid, suddenly there was a knock on the door. Probably one of my sisters.

      “Miss Twila, your Bellini”, a woman said holding a gold tray with a chilled, tall stem glass balanced at the center.

       “How did you? Never mind”, I said realizing the whole, “speak out loud thing and they can hear you from afar” thing, “thank you.”

      “Can I get you anything else?” The woman asked.

      “No, but thank you. Is uncle Jeremiah up?” I asked taking the glass from the tray.

      “Sir Jeremiah has risen for the day, yes”, she answered.

I just stared at her for a moment and I suppose she was staring back at me but I was staring at her because she was really beautiful and for a moment, I felt a sudden attraction to her.

      “Okay, that’s all I wanted to know”, I said praying that she didn’t read thoughts like uncle Jeremiah.

      “Very well then, your sisters are aware of your rise. When you are ready, there will be someone waiting to escort you to the great hall for breakfast.”

      “Thanks”, I mumbled embarrassed and still unsure if she could read my mind or not. If she could, her face didn’t give any hints as to if she knew what I was thinking.

            What the hell was that? I thought as I closed the door. I’ve never in my life– whatever. I decided to shake it off and dismiss it all together. I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends, no one at the moment, but I wasn’t looking either. Besides with the passing of my grandma and having to skip a semester of school– I had way too much on my plate right now and the last thing I wanted to think about was a man, let alone my new current situation that involves me sucking the soul out of a human being –because apparently I’m not one or having meaningless sex with them just to survive. Agh! This is such a fucking disaster!

I took a quick shower although I could have lived under the actual waterfall that was built into the wall. After I got dressed, I opened the door to find a guy that was around my age waiting there. He had perfect posture and of course he was handsome.

      “Miss Twila, I will show you to the great hall, right this way”, he held out his hand and gestured down the hallway towards the elevator.

      “So, what’s for breakfast?” I asked, breaking the silence.

      “Whatever you would like Miss Twila”, he said simply. There was no inflection in his voice other than professionalism.

When I finally arrived at the great hall, uncle Jeremiah was already sitting at the head of the grand table buttering a croissant.

      “Good morning beauty”, he said not looking up.

Good morning, I thought to myself.

      “You look nice and recharged this morning”, he said in my head.

      “Recharged?” I asked out loud.

      “Yes. Goes with the– uh, inheritance”, he chuckled.

      “I still don’t think there’s anything funny about all of this”, I told him sighing quietly.

      “I know, you will learn to appreciate it. In time, but as for now, have a seat. What would you like for breakfast? ” He pointed to one of the sixteen chairs at the table.

Before I could answer, I couldn’t help but stare at the huge statue behind him. It had to be over seven feet tall.

      “Who is she?”

      He took a bite of his croissant as he answered, speaking audibly in my head, “Asya”.

      “Asya? As in the Asya and La’don story?” I asked taking a sip of orange juice.

      “Oh, so you’ve been reading up on your history I see”, he grinned.

      “More like, I thought it was just a book that I was reading, but yeah, I read it. That’s uh an interesting piece.”

      “Appropriate for this room right?” He smirked and took a sip of his mimosa.

I stepped a little closer to the statue behind him. She was beautifully carved in white and gold marble, standing nude, poised and powerful with a slight beguiling scowl on her beautiful face. She crushed what looked to be a peach in her left hand. The fine delicate line of its juice ran down her forearm onto her breast, where it circled her nipple, then it rippled down her torso and dripped off her swollen clitoris. She stood proudly looking down at the nude kneeling woman carved in plain white marble. The tip of the woman’s tongue touched the tip of Asya’s dripping clitoris. She seemed to be swallowing the nectar from it. There appeared to be a look of mercy etched on her face.

      “I’m not sure if I get why it’s appropriate particularly for this room”, I mused.

      He sat there like a beautiful God on his throne in all his seriousness. All of a sudden I felt a heat like I’ve never felt before, but similar to the one I had encountered earlier. “We all have to eat right?”

He looked at me as if he wanted to fuck me right there on the table, or was I imagining it? Pull your shit together! I yelled at myself.

      “It’s only going to get worst, you have to feed, you need to control it”, he echoed in my head.

Just then my sisters walked in, interrupting a dangerous moment. Was I really feeling what the hell I was feeling? This was insane. I prayed that I was not about to have sexual thoughts about my own uncle.

      “Nice! Who’s she?” TaKasha asked all chipper taking a seat at the table. Of course, she would love it, she was built to be a succubus, I thought with disgust.

      “It’s Asya, essentially our “mother creator”, of sorts”, I answered looking for something I felt like eating from the buffet of breakfast food that sat on the table.

Vivian burst out laughing, “Wow this is such a powerful piece uncle Jer. She’s so beautiful. She’s actually making her go down on her.”

      “Yes. A nod to the legends and the legend. It was said that the succubi around that era were the most vicious of them all. They would have their prey drink urine and sexual secretions from them”, he said staring at all of us.

      “Was that really the case Unk?” TaKasha scoffed.

      “Speculation I suppose, but I’m sure that the stories had to had come from somewhere”, he smirked, almost as if he was proud of the fact.

      “Ewww, that’s fucking gross!” I pretended to gag.

      “Well back then, it was about power”, he reasoned.

TaKasha laughed and quite frankly, why the fuck was she so damn happy this morning?

      “Why are you so perky this morning Kash? I huffed.

      “Oh, I masturbated before I came down”, she said casually.

I nearly dropped my fork at her nonchalantness and Viv choked on her mimosa.

      “What?” She asked wrinkling her face as if we were the offenders.

       “Oh my God TaKasha! Why? Why are you like this?” I cringed embarrassed for my uncle. I didn’t dare look at his face for a reaction.

      “Well, what the fuck was I suppose to do? I’ve been having these hot flairs of being horny every since I got here–”

      “Do what everyone else has been doing and just– ignore it!” I raised my voice although I was kind of surprised that she was having the same reaction as me and I assumed Vivian was feeling them as well.

Vivian raised her hand slowly, “I second that.”

      “Thank you, at least someone has some self-control–”

      “–No, I mean, I masturbated this morning too”, Vivian said looking down at her plate of waffles and smirking.

I was too outdone to speak.

After a minute or two, they burst out laughing.

I clenched my fist and felt the power swell from within me. I wanted to slap both of those freaks into another lifetime before we were soul-sucking demons.

      “No!” Uncle Jeremiah said raising his own voice in my direction. “Breathe”, he said so only I could hear. “Come with me”, he got up from the table and gestured for me to come with him.

      “Come”, he urged as he walked swiftly down the hall towards a door.

We entered a room that was decorated a little differently from the rest of the modern Victorian feel of the house. It was decorated in an older style of Victorian and painted in a baroque royal blue with a gold day bed that had a tall canopy above it.

      “Sit down“, he ordered.

I felt as if I was in trouble or something. How? When Vivian and TaKasha were the ones acting like they had no home training.

      “How are you feeling?” He asked softly sitting down and placing a hand on my knee.

I felt a little uneasy but he didn’t seem to care at all about my uncomfortableness nor was he reading my mind.

      I took a deep breath, “this is all just a little much for me. I mean first grandma, now this? I don’t want to be a succubus and now it’s as if I don’t have a choice or control over my own body. I feel as if I’m going to burst.”

      “I apologize, it has heightened because of me. When you are near your own kind, you feed off of each other’s power, kind of like magnets. It’s okay, you’ll learn to manage it in time.”

      “But I don’t want to manage it, I just want this to all go away”, I whined.

      “Is that what you really want? To die? Because that is the end result.”

      “No, I don’t want to die–”

      “Well, that is your only choice, unfortunately. Look, Twila, you can have a full and abundant life. Not necessarily normal, but you can go on to have somewhat of a normal life, children, husband etcetera… this doesn’t mean that this is the end of your life by any means. This is only just the beginning. I promise, give it time, but you do need to feed and get your hunger under control. It’s not as bad as it seems.”

      “Are you happy?” I asked him looking into his eyes for the truth.

He paused.

      “I am now”, he smiled genuinely.

I sighed.

      “Let me help you”, he said quietly.

I thought he was helping us, what did he mean?

      “What do you mean?” I asked and I couldn’t help but question his motives. What did he mean by help me? Was he trying to rape me?

He paused for a moment and took a sharp deep breath, “trust me”.
Sorry, I said in my head.

      He responded with a nod. “Lay back and close your eyes. I’m going to ease this frustration you’re feeling.”

I did as he asked and tried to clear the distressing thoughts from my mind.

      “Okay, do you feel this? I’m placing my hand right above your chest” He asked.

      “Yes, but I don’t feel you touching me, I feel warm.”

      “Okay, now what about this?”

I felt a bit uncomfortable, it felt as if he had turned up the heat on the thermostat.

      “Yes, I feel hot.”

      “Okay, now…”

     “I feel hot… down there.

      “Try to relax, I’m not going to touch you”, he reassured me.

All of a sudden I felt a hot swirl in between my legs and extremely turned on. I heard his breathing increase as I fought with all my might to move. I felt my power swell up within me and expand all over my body. A moan escaped my lips as I felt a more intense heat churning deep inside me, threatening to cause an orgasm. All of a sudden my pussy throbbed uncontrollably and then a strong surge of energy ran through me along with a monstrosity of an orgasm and then nothing.

      “Where’s Twila?” Vivian asked

      “She’s resting”, Jeremiah said with his hands in his pocket.

      “Was she that pissed?” TaKasha asked, with a hint of concern.

Jeremiah paused for a moment, then his handsome face tore with sheer seriousness.

      “You ladies may be comfortable with your sudden abilities or what have you, but she is not. Give her time, give her respect. There were no questions regarding your grandmother being queen, which I find strikingly odd. So I will let you in on this little important fact ladies, you have inherited the titles as well, you are both queens. But Twila has been chosen to be Queen, your Queen. Her power exceeds the both of you so the sooner she learns to get comfortable with being a succubus and get a handle on her power, the better it will be for all of us. “

Vivian and TaKasha sat quietly trying to process the information they had just been given.

      “I’ll send for the two of you later tonight so that we may have dinner. I suggest you ladies have Paul arrange a shopping trip for you until Twila recovers”, he walked quietly out of the great hall.

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