SUCC– short story chapter 4

Chapter 4

            “My God, she’s alive”, TaKasha stood at the foot of my bed with her arms crossed.

      I looked around the room in search of Vivian but she wasn’t there. “Where’s Vivian?” I asked still feeling a little foggy.

      “She– she needed some time to uh, get her head clear.”

Why was she stumbling over her words? That wasn’t like TaKasha, she had no filter.

      “But she’s fine, no worries, she’ll be back later tonight. I already let her know that you were up.”

      “Huh?” I said confused. “What happened over the course of breakfast and me taking a nap? Did you guys get into a fight again?” My sisters, I thought shaking my head.

      “Look, there’s something that we need to talk about…” She said nervously.

      “Like what?” I sat up attempting to get out of bed so I could stretch.

      “Okay, so I’m just going to come out and say it…”

What the fuck? I thought. Did someone else die?

      “No one died or anything”,  she laughed reading my mind. Could she read my thoughts?

      “Yes I can, but I’m still learning. Unk is like the bomb at– wait, look we can talk about me later. You on the other hand– you’ve been asleep for almost a week–”

      “–What? What do you mean, “asleep, for almost a week! How the hell is that even possible?” I freaked.

      “Five days, ten hours, thirty-two– thirty-three minutes and about two seconds”, she nodded towards the grandfather clock.

      “Again, how is that possible?” What in the hell was she talking about?

      “Okay so, that day that you lost your shit about us masturbating, which was totally uncalled for, by the way, Unk kind of helped you–”

The images came flooding back to me, heat and an orgasm out of this world…

      “Okay, so now I’m jealous. Was it really that great? Because I’ve never been that blown away to the point of passing out. Wow!” TaKasha asked, scooting in closer to me with widened eyes.

      “Wait, are you reading my thoughts still? Stop it!” I yelled grabbing my head.

      “I’m sorry I can’t control it yet, but seriously though, you’ve been asleep for a while”, she said quietly.

I began to feel a bit violated, but I was glad to be having this conversation with TaKasha.

      “I feel like he– I know it wasn’t rape but I feel– awful like we had sex. My uncle made me have an orgasm.”

      “Yeah, that’s some sick shit, if you think about it like that, but that’s not what happened”, TaKasha said seriously. “He had to help you–”

      “By making me have an orgasm?” I objected.

      “In a way, yes–”, she began but I didn’t want to hear Kasha take the side of a sexual predator, literally.

      “Get real, although technically he didn’t touch me, he still had “some kind” of sexual contact with me and in my book, that’s rape and unbeknownst to him, that’s incest”, I snapped.

      “Look, I know how this may seem to you but you need to stop and listen!” TaKasha said trying to pull her rank as my older sister.

      “Does Vivian know about this? Does she know that you are taking up for him? And his filth? His sick maliciousness?”

      “Now that is enough! You obviously don’t know what the hell you’re saying–”

      “I don’t care–”

      “Shut up Twila! You’re a fucking Queen, that’s why he had to do what he did, your too goddamn powerful! And why you were chosen, I’m not even sure, because you’re too damn naive to see past your foolish selfishness. You want to know why Vivian left? Because it should have been her to become the main Queen, not you!”

I sat there partially shocked, unable to formulate words. I heard the words fall from her pretty pout but I could not put them in an order to where they made sense to me. Powerful and queen? How was this pertaining to me?

      “Exactly! You don’t know shit! So watch what you say about our family, especially someone who went out on a limb for you. And look at how you reacted instead of understanding the situation.”

I could tell TaKasha was pissed off, and usually pissing off TaKasha was rare and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I held up my hand to put a pause on the conversation. I needed a minute to mentally catch up to what she just said.

      “I’m sorry, give me a minute”, I thought, in hopes that while I was digesting this, she would calm down.

I watched out the corner of my eye as she hopped off the bed and began to check herself out in the oversized mirror across the room.

      “Are you upset too?” I hated the thought of my sisters being upset with me, especially when it was something that I didn’t have control over.

      “Are you ready to listen and not blame Unk for doing what he had to do?” Her voice echoed from across the room, but she was next to me in within seconds.

Apparently, there was a lot for me to learn and I had no choice but to listen and try to accept that what I thought should have been wrong, may, in fact, might have been right.

            I pulled the comforter up to my waist and pulled my knees up to my chest ready to accept whatever fate just shat onto my future.

      “Look, Viv and I are both queens by inheritance, but you are the head Queen to the both of us and to our region. Before grandma died, she gave you the highest power.”

      “ Why would she give me the highest power? Why not Vivian? She’s the oldest”, It would have made more sense to me that Vivian would have been chosen to be Queen instead of me.

      “You were always grandma’s favorite, but besides that, you have something in you that we don’t have.”

      “Like what?”

      “I don’t know and I’m not going to knock grandma for her choice, especially since I’m a queen anyway. You just have a higher rank than us. But, if I had to guess, you’re the most level-headed out of Viv and me.

      “I’ll agree to that, but still, I don’t think I should have been Queen though”, I said quietly.

      “Well you are, and there’s no taking it back.”

Maybe I can transfer my power–

      “Only by death”, she shrugged reading my thoughts.


We sat in silence for a moment before something else occurred to me.

      “What do you mean by the whole he had to do because I’m too powerful?”

      “You’re more powerful then Unk thought. He said he’s never witnessed the power that you have. He said grandma was powerful too, but he said something about yours is unfiltered. It’s kind of like, he had to put you down or something before you destroyed everything in your path. I believe he defined it as, “her raw unfiltered psychopathic power.”

      “Unfiltered?” I repeated.

      “Yeah, I guess as the generations go on the power is diluted. Like, we could never be as powerful as Asya because her power was pure and not contaminated with the human genes. Because we are derived from the succubus gene, we inherited the gene from our mother’s side. The gene has to come from the mother’s side–”

      “Kind of like the gene that can only come from a woman, that causes fraternal twins.”

      “Uh sure, we’ll go with that. I had no idea.
Anyway, when a succubus procreates with a human, then some of the power will dilute, and according to Unk, succubi and incubi will eventually become nonexistent and the end result will lead to some kind of the end of the world revelation for us if we survive it.”

      “Leaving the last of the dying breed, making us “gods“…”

      “Yup. And I’m not sure if I want that kind of power. So I’m ending my life around three hundred years or so. And since your power is unfiltered, then he has not the slightest clue what he’s going to do about you, especially since he can’t tell anyone about it.”

I can’t believe how calm TaKasha was being. Here I am Queen with a power that my uncle, Mr. King Incubus himself, can’t even figure out, except to make me orgasm into a coma and mind you, Queen of my sisters and some region my grandma left for me, and I’m sitting here terrified to death. Who in their right mind can say out loud, “Hey, I think I’ll just end my life around three hundred years or so”. You don’t get a choice in when you die, the last time I checked.

      “Come on Twi, just accept what is and move on. Why is this so difficult for you?”

      “Because I have freakin’ morals! You live, you grow old if you’re lucky, and then you die. That’s it, and black girls don’t become Queens!”

      “Well there is that one black chick that the prince is engaged to”, Tasha pointed out.

      “My point exactly, she’s a hypothetical princess! Not a Queen!”

      “Well look at it this way, at least you have a choice in who you want to be. You don’t have to have morals and you can be as immortal as you want to be. Rather you accept it or not, when you wake up tomorrow you will still be Queen, you still will have power and you will still wake up as a succubus.”

      “Fine!” I growled. “Fine, fine, fine!”

      “And she’s back”, TaKasha smirked.

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