SUCC– short story chapter 5 (final)

Chapter 5

                    “Look, Love, you have got to stop doing this if you want to live a healthy life. If you don’t, you’re not going to be able to use your powers to their full potential.”

I knew uncle Jeremiah was right but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was bad enough that I had to do it at all, and a part of me knew that I was making myself starve by sucking on what little energy I could get, but half dead was better than fresh meat in this case.

          “I know, but I just feel comfortable knowing that they could die at any moment anyway. At least I could give them a bit of peace instead of suffering in pain and waiting to die.”

          “And that is very noble of you, but if you’re going to be Queen, then you need your strength and you’re not going to get it by sucking the life from the senior citizens.”

What’s with this,”needing my strength“? I rolled my eyes, a bit irritated. I heard TaKasha’s breathing from around the corner and knew she had caught the tale end of the conversation, if not more.

          “Ew! Did you just say, senior citizens? As in old people? Now that’s just fucking gross!”

          “No one asked you for your opinion Kasha! And for your information, it’s not like I’m having sex with them, I touch and go and that’s it!” I huffed.

          “Come on, old people? Is that what you’ve been doing for the past three months? Just tapping into their energy? No wonder why you’re so weak!”

TaKasha tossed a surge of energy my way, knocking me off balance.

          “Please don’t, you already know I’m way stronger than you”, I said nonchalantly.
Kasha knew better not to test me at this point. I showed her plenty of times that I could bring the world down around me if I wanted to during our training.

          “Keep tapping into souls in the nursing home and you won’t be able to do anything”, she mocked me.

I knew they were right. I could feel the changes in my body. It was as if I was gently tapping on death’s door with my fingernails.

          “Let me help you. I can request someone for you to feed off of so that you can regain some of your energy”, uncle Jeremiah offered.

          “I don’t know. I’m not sure that I want any help.”

          “Well, you can’t keep carrying on like this”, he warned.

          “I know, but I also don’t want someone being conscious of what I’m doing or the purpose of what they would be here for. Just let me do it. I’ll do it on my own, I’ll go and suck the soul out of someone innocent, that doesn’t deserve their poor innocent little soul to be fed off of by a soul-sucking she-demon”, I mumbled.

          “You ladies are beyond beautiful, you should use your gifts to your advantage.”

          “Unk, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m very aware of my gifts.”

          Uncle Jeremiah chuckled, “But yet, you fail to extend beyond your desire for men. Think of them as a– collective whole, if you will. Humans, TaKasha, they are only humans. Don’t think about the sex too much but please, enjoy the sex“, he laughed as he walked away.

          “Hey, where are you going?” I called after him.

          “I’ve got some uninvited business to take care of”, he turned his nose up in disdain.

          “Okay, but you’ll be back before dinner tonight right?”

          He forced a smile, “Yes of course.”

                    I was so happy that uncle Jeremiah and I were back on good terms now that I’m over the fact that I’m a succubus and speaking of being a succubus, I needed to feed. There was only so much I could do to control myself. The more I tried to resist, the more of a hassle it actually was. I wish I could be more like my sisters and just find some cute guy to seduce and drain him of most of his energy. It’s not like I don’t crave sex because I do. In fact, for the past three months, I’ve been nothing but horny. It’s so bad that just changing my clothes is an issue. I mean, you don’t even want to know how much I masturbate a day just to keep from going crazy. And at this point, I’m really starting to get tired of feeding on the old and the helpless. I know that I need to have sex, but with whom?

          “Come on, just go out with me and Viv”, TaKasha said, “it’ll be fun, we’re just going out for… lunch“, she giggled.

          “And I’m sure it will, but I just want to do this first “kill” on my own without my sisters coaching me. It’s a bit… gross.”

          “Okayyyyy… well if you say so.”

          “TaKasha, if she doesn’t want play, then she doesn’t have to play”, Vivian said appearing out of nowhere.

Because I haven’t fed and my sisters had, there was some truth in what TaKasha said. I was weak, but I didn’t want them to know how weak. I fought hard to block the both of them from my thoughts as I couldn’t help but notice how much Vivian was taking after TaKasha. Vivian was dressed in black leather overalls and a black sheer shirt and of course, TaKasha was dressed in nothing more than a mini skirt and a backless halter. Yeah, they were asking for trouble.

          “Like I was telling TaKasha, I want to do things my way and–”

          “Bore!” Vivian yawned dramatically. “C’mon let’s go, I’m starving!”

          “You don’t have to be such a bitch, Vivian!” I shook my head.

          “Wake up Queen, before you end up passing that throne to me!” She snapped.

I balled my fist about ready to slap her with all my power, but then I remembered, after I slapped her, that would be all that I could muster. So I just stood there and glared at her.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and waved her fingers at me as she disappeared into thin air.

          “Is she always going to be like this?” I asked TaKasha.

          “She’ll get over it, eventually”, TaKasha shrugged checking herself out in the mirror for the one billionth time today.

God, I wish my sisters could stop being so vain. I get the whole package deal that came with being a succubus but jeez!

          “Have fun, I’ll be fine”, I waved her off.

          “Feed! Or else!” She warned.

          “Love you too sis.”

I watched as TaKasha disappear too, and then there was one.

                    Well no sense in staying around this dump, I thought. I still couldn’t see how uncle Jeremiah could stay in a freakin’ castle by himself! No wonder he extended our welcome. I brushed my hand lightly down the side of my body and changed my appearance. That will never get old, I smiled. I never said that being a succubus didn’t have it perks though.

                    I walked outside dressed for the crisp October air. I needed to go for a walk so that I could think. I loved the fact that I could walk outside on uncle Jeremiah’s one thousand acre estate and feel safe, but today I wanted to explore more of the town. I laughed to myself when I realized that I could just teleport myself outside of the estate instead of walking miles to get there.

                    I remembered seeing a huge oak tree off in a field close to the side of the road. There, I thought and in a split second, I was crouched down behind the tree. I looked around to see if the coast was clear. There was no one close to me that could have seen me appear, but off in the distance, I could see a figure down the road. I sniffed the air, it was a man. All of a sudden I felt a familiar feeling of hunger but not for food. I tried to walk like a normal person but curiosity and excitement got the best of me. I walked and teleported myself part of the way. When I got closer to him, I could see that he must have been having car trouble. He was under the hood mumbling to himself. Hmmm, I thought to myself. What are the odds? I walked a little closer to him but enough to keep my distance.

          “Excuse me…”, I called out.

He didn’t seem to hear me because he didn’t come from under the hood.

I put two of my fingers in my mouth and gave a quick blow.

          “Jesus!” He yelled, startled.

          “Sorry, I called out first but you didn’t hear me. Do you need a cell phone or something?” I was glad to see that he was attractive, in need of a shave but still attractive.

          “Um…”, he looked from me to his car and back to me again. “If you don’t mind, my phone is almost dead, so I could save the juice.”

          “Sure, no problem. You from around here?” I asked sizing him up. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, nothing out of the ordinary.

          “No, I’m from the city. I came here for the cider. You?”

          “Same”, I lied handing him the phone.

          He nodded, “Uh, may I use your internet to look up someone local?”

          “Sure, go for it”, I waved my hand.

I gave him a little bit of space so that he could make the phone call. I stood there looking cool with my hands in my pockets but I was a nervous wreck. How the hell was I suppose to feed on him?

I watched as a disapproving look came across his face, I tried my best to look as though I could not hear the conversation.

          “… well I have nothing but time at this point. Thanks.”

          “Is everything alright?”

          “Yeah in about two hours it will be”, he chuckled with a bit of exasperation. “Here, thanks for the phone. Not many people would have helped out a stranger.”

I hesitated for a moment before taking the phone back. It was either now or never or maybe sneak attack. I took the phone and slid it into my pocket.

          “I’m Twila by the way”, I said extending my right hand for him to shake.

          “Jones. Nice to meet you.”

Hmmm, I wondered if it that was a first name or a last name, too bad we wouldn’t have time to get into formalities.

                    I used my power to put him into a trance-like uncle Jeremiah taught me in our training. I watched as the power flowed from me and settled onto him in a soft neon blue. Assuming that it worked, I kissed him gently and he accepted the kiss obediently. I began to suck a little bit of energy from him, careful not to drain all of it just yet. I held out my left hand to will the back door behind the driver’s side open and used my right to slide him into the back seat.

          “Whoa”, I looked down at my hands. Up until now, I didn’t know the full extent of my powers.

I climbed into the back seat and got on top of him too hungry to care about morals or anything else, I needed to feed.

                    With a quick “whoosh” of my hand, we were fully undressed. “What a prize”, I said to him although I knew he was in a catatonic state. He was healthy in girth with a satisfying length that I couldn’t be upset about. Too bad I didn’t have the power to make time stand still, it was a shame I had to make this quick.

                    I slid him inside of me and sat there for a moment taking it all in as he stared back at me with a blank expression as if he wasn’t even there. I mentally commanded him to grip the sides of my hips. Hmmm, he does what I tell him, I noted. Remembering that I was pressed for time I got back down to business, I guess I’ll have to do this for pleasure another time.

                    I rode him like my life depended on it and managed to drain just enough energy to keep him alive. With twenty minutes to spare and coming back down off my succubus high, I did feel the slightest tinge of guilt. It was fucked up that this would be how I had to spend the rest of my life, but I had to admit, I did like the thrill and the excitement. I climbed out of the car fully dressed again and waved my hand to repair damages. In seconds I had Jones sitting upright and dressed in the driver seat and whatever issue was going on with his car was now fixed as well as a fully charged cell phone.

          “Thank you so very much, Jones,, it was…an experience”, I said although he was still out of it. He’s going to wake up and think he dozed off and had a wet dream. That’s one hell of a dream, I giggled.

          “So, how was lunch?” TaKasha asked obviously sensing the strength of my power.

          “Where’s Viv?” I asked changing the subject. I waved my hand to the side my body trying to decide on what to wear as I changed from outfit to outfit.

          “That’s a bit revealing little sis”, she smirked teasing me about my choice in outfits. “That’s not like you and certainly not what you’re doing now. Come on spill it! Did you get some dick? And don’t even think about changing the subject!” She said eager for me to tell her the details of my whereabouts.

Vivian? I called to her knowing that I could communicate to her more directly without speaking.

          “Your Highness“, she said with a smug look on her face.

          “Okay Viv, get over it already!” TaKasha said taking up for me.

          “No, you know what… I have had about enough of your attitude Vivian!” I spoke up. “Both of you want to call me selfish?”

          “Wait, what did I do?” TaKasha said holding her hands up in defense.

          “Well, news flash!” I continued, ignoring Takasha’s protest, “I didn’t choose to be a succubus, nor did I choose to be Queen! So if you– either of you has a problem with it, tough shit! Rather you like it or not, I am still your little sister and I am also your Queen. I’m not going to keep feeling sorry for you Vivian because you weren’t chosen to be Queen. I don’t know what I did to get this title, but I have it and most importantly, I don’t want to lose my sister– sisters over a fucking title that I can not get rid of! You are both my queens and I need you, my sisters because one day, we are going to have to stand together and face whatever comes our way and I can not do that alone!

They stood there silent and speechless.

          “Should I slow clap or something?” TaKasha said in a serious tone.

She’s never going to change, I thought.

          “Nope”, she said reading my mind.

          Vivian, took a deep breath, “When did you decide to step up?”

          “It’s because she got some dick”, TaKasha said before I had a chance to respond.

          “Oh really? I thought I smelled something powerful in the air”, Vivian smirked.

I changed one last time, but this time into something worthy of a Queen. I guess it was time for me to step up.

          “I’ll say this, It was amazing…”



                                                                                 The End


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