Mismatch- short story chapter 1

Chapter 1




            “Mom? Dad? Anyone home?”

  “Looks like no one’s home…” Trey said. He looked as though he was slightly disappointed.

  “Wait here”, I huffed feeling a bit annoyed. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I searched my stepfather’s den located a couple of rooms away from the vestibule. He wasn’t home. Usually he would have been in there studying one of his case files this time of day. I thought he would be, but I’m surprised he wasn’t, even if it is a Saturday.

  “He’s not home”, I said returning to the vestibule where Trey was standing in the same spot I had left him. His shoulders relaxed a bit when he saw that my stepfather wasn’t with me. “Want to come up stairs?” I hinted seductively.

  “I would babe, but I’m already pressed for time”, he said grabbing the handle to the front door.

  “For what? You had time to meet my father”, I insinuated crossing my arms in front of me. I was floored. We had the whole house to ourselves and he wasn’t even interested in taking advantage of me.

  “Don’t do that babe, you know it pisses me off when you get rough around the edges. You’re far too smart for that”, he said, uncrossing my arms. “Look I didn’t want to back out on meeting your dad, so I agreed to come. I have to meet up with a group of guys from Torts to help them study for this final exam and if I don’t hurry, I’m going to be late and they’re paying me so I gotta go.”

  “Alright, well, will I see you later?” I asked.

  “I’ll text you later babe, it might be late when I get back in”, he said kissing me on my forehead.

  “Okay, bye”, I smiled sweetly and closed the door. He’s lucky he’s so goddamn fine!

  “Mom!” I yelled extra loud, partly out of frustration.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed her number.

“Hello?” She answered sounding chipper.

  “Hello mother. I’m home, where are you?” I asked not hiding the fact that I was annoyed that she wasn’t here when I got in. Most parents would be happy to see their only daughter alive and safe after being away for months at law school but neither of my parents were home. My stepdad, being the high powered attorney he was, I expected for him not to be home. My mother on the other hand, had no excuse, she was a glorified house wife slash trophy wife. The only thing she did professionally, was shop.

  “Oh please, you’re not really disappointed are you?” She said flatly as if she could give less than a damn.

  “No, not at all mother”, I said matching her tone with my own sarcasm. “Is dad working late tonight?” I asked hoping that my stepfather would be home earlier rather then later.

  “How the fuck should I know? I’m not his goddamn secretary!” She snapped.

  “Fine”, I mumbled and pressed the end button.

And that is why I gravitate more towards my stepfather, he treated me more like a daughter than my own mother. I scrolled through my favorites and tapped my stepfather’s picture to send him a text:

Hi Dad I’m home, I hope to see you soon…



            I walked around my parent’s six thousand square foot glass house to see if anything had changed. It was nice to be home, although I wasn’t too thrilled to come home to an empty house. My first stop was into my stepfather’s office. I liked to snoop around his office to see what kind of big cases he was working on. Normally I wasn’t allowed in there except the rare occasions I got a chance to help him study for a case. I was getting the best knowledge and advice from no other than the best defense attorney in the midwest, my stepfather Jordan Blackwood and I, Katrina Harris will eventually follow in his footsteps.

            As usual everything was neat and in it’s place so I was careful not to touch too many of his things, something I learned a long time ago when I was caught reading the Narco case. The John Narco case had been a huge win for my stepfather, which in turn put him on the map as being a great defense attorney and helped him open up Blackwood & Wallace. He helped Angela Narco win a murder case against her notorious drug lord husband, John Narco, and she walked away clear of all charges including first degree murder. For a while, there was a threat on my stepfather’s life from John’s younger brother, James Narco, but nothing ever came from it.

On his desk off to the side, I noticed a thick cream colored envelope.

  “Hmmm, what’s this?” I wondered, taking a peak inside. Divorce attorney Maverick Maddox’s name was on the over head and I could see a petition for a divorce to my mother. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, why was he filing a divorce from my mom? My heart sank reading over the word divorce.

  “How can this be happening?”

I scrolled through the list of contacts until I found Shannon’s name.

  “Mom! How can this be happening? How could you be getting a divorce?” I yelled into the phone. I could hear her excusing herself from whoever she was with.

  “What do you mean divorce? I’m not getting a divorce! What the hell are you talking about?” She hissed.

  “Really? You had no idea?” I snorted, not sure rather to believe this innocent act she was trying to pull. “I found a letter in dad’s office and it had your name on it and his name on it…”

  “Goddamn it!” She whispered. “Don’t mention this to Jordan, I’ll just have to come up with something until he brings it up and in the mean time I’ll try to avoid him as much as possible.”

  “What about my tuition? Is there enough money for me to finish out the school year?” I gasped.

  “Are you kidding? There’s a lot more at stake here then just your goddamn ivy league tuition little girl! I don’t have time to explain my personal affairs to you Katrina. Just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way!”

  “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Oh my God! This cannot be happening right now! I’m like this close to taking the bar exam!” I cried. I said a quick prayer in hopes that Jordan would keep paying my tuition. We had a father and daughter like bond but knowing my mother, she would let rage get the best of her and fuck it up for both of us.

          My first instinct was to call my stepdad and find out exactly what was going on, but I couldn’t risk possibly screwing up my mother’s plans. She was a bitch without a doubt, but she always managed to stay on top. She mastered the manipulation of men. Shannon Harris was the kind of woman that played her life like a game of chest, always three steps ahead and never let anyone stand in her way. All her life she used men like they were pawns and she was the best at it. I’ve seen her upgrade in men like they were cars, trading one in for another, for something newer and better, worth more in money and always marrying the best. I admired my mother’s strength but I never wanted to be anything like her. I was so happy when she married Jordan not only because he was rich but because for the first time, he made us feel like a family. I felt more like someone’s daughter instead of someone’s mistake. I like having him around, because when he was around my mother was the greatest mom in the world. He made her happy and when my mother was happy, she made sure that everyone around her was happy… but when she was unhappy… she didn’t give a fuck about anyone except herself and now that I was twenty-two, I had a feeling that this time, she would only be looking out for herself. The signs where there, I just needed to figure out what her plan was and beat her to the punch.

Just then my phone chimed letting me know I got a text message:

Glad to see you are home Katrina. There’s something we need to go over involving your tuition. See you at Chelsea’s for dinner. 8pm.

             What could be going on with my tuition? I know my grades weren’t the best this semester, but Trey was tutoring me. I’ll admit, there could have been more studying than sex, but nonetheless my grades were slowly improving. Not only was he sexy, popular and my boyfriend, he was smart and one day he’s going to make a great lawyer and a great husband.

Okay dad, can’t wait to finally see you!

            I waited for him to text me back, but there was no response. The fact that we needed to have a talk was weighing heavy on me. I tried not to worry too much but there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that made me feel otherwise.

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