Mismatch- short story chapter 2

Chapter 2

            “He’s not paying my tuition next month!” I cried into my cell phone.

      “Seriously? That’s like totally not cool and all because you’re parents are getting a divorce?” She said in just as much shock as I was.

He didn’t even beat around the bush about it. He acted as though I was one of his defendants and not his stepdaughter.

      “Oh, and that’s not all either. He–”, I hesitated to tell Meagan the whole story but I needed to vent. This wasn’t fair! And the fact that now my world has come crashing down on me because of something my mother did, is fucking mind blowing. I mean, I thought we were family, I thought we had a bond! And the fact that seven years of me calling him dad didn’t mean a damn thing to him, was the icing on the cake.

      “He said that my mother has been stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from him and that she has several hidden bank accounts and when he confronted her the first time, she lied about it and now– he’s done, he’s just done with her and her lying.”

            Tears started to well up again as I thought about the future and the status of my life, fucking rich to broke in a blink of an eye. I have spent the last seven years of my life making myself into who I am today. I have built my life from the ground up and every female that crossed my path either wanted to be me, wanted to get close to me or find a reason not to like me. I have everything that I could ever ask for. I have a rich boyfriend who is beyond gorgeous, I drive a Porshe, I go to one of the best ivy league schools in the country, I’m in the process of creating my own sorority, I am one of the most popular woman on campus and I didn’t get that way by sleeping around either. My reputation is what has gotten me this far, being Jordan Blackwood’s stepdaughter, his only “child”, even if it is through marriage. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and this bitch just fucked it up?

      “Wow, I’m so sorry Kat. I don’t know what to say…”

I hated being this weak in front of someone that probably secretly envied me too. Meagan could be sweet at times but she also had that bitch factor about her too, the fact that our boyfriends were best friends was the only real reason why we started hanging out in the first place.

      “Hey Kat… I know that you’re going through all this stuff with your parents divorce and your mother being a lying sleaze and all… and I really hate to add more unnecessary drama to your life but…” she sighed dramatically, “I don’t know how to tell you this–”

      “Just say it”, I sniffled. It could be no worse then my future crumbling to shit.

      “Well yesterday, when Tray was suppose to be tutoring or whatever he actually wasn’t”, she blurted with no hesitation.

      “What do you mean?” I asked, sitting up straight on my bed.

      “Sooo, Adam kind of like made me swear not to tell you so you didn’t find out from me but, Tray was actually with some girl that goes to an art institute named Sofia. I hear he’s been talking to her for a couple of months now–”

      “–a couple of months? Are you fucking joking with me right now Meagan?” I shrieked, choking back more tears.

      “I swear I wouldn’t lie to you, especially not now. I mean, I didn’t see him with her or anything but I heard the same thing from another girl in my sorority but I thought it was a rumor or something”, Meagan swore.

      “What’s her name again?”


      “Do you know her last name?”

     “Uh… I’m not sure but if you give me a minute, I’m sure I’ll find out.”

     “Okay let me know because I want to see if I can look her up.”

     “Okay, I’ll text you as soon as I find out.”

            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It all made sense, I hadn’t heard from him all day. He never even called or texted me back last night after I sent him a long message explaining how cold Jordan had been. I felt like I was going to be sick. My head was starting to pound and I started to dry heave. I made my way to the bathroom, crying and puking. My life is over, was all that I could think about. I managed to pick myself up off the bathroom floor and splash a bit of cool water on my face.

            “It’s going to be okay, it’s all going to be okay”, I repeated over and over trying to calm myself down. “They have grants for ivy league schools, you can just…” I couldn’t control myself. I burst out crying again, falling back down to the floor and holding my throbbing head. I didn’t know which one I was devastated about more, the fact that I wouldn’t be able to finish out the school year and take the bar examine, realizing that my mother didn’t even bother coming home last night nor did my stepfather or the fact that I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me for months. The sound of the phone scared the shit out of me when it vibrated on the hard stone floor.

Holloway, Meagan texted back.

I wasted no time snatching my MacBook off my desk and seeing what the hell this chick looked like. Sophia Holloway, I typed into the search box. There were two other Sophia Holloways but when I saw her, I knew it was her. She looked familiar, I know I’ve seen her around campus before.

      “Typical”, I huffed.

She was a skinny big breasted fake tanned brunette. I can’t believe he would fuck around on me with something like that. I clicked onto her friends and of course they were mostly guys. “Oh, I see you like girly movies and dogs and oh… you’re in a sorority huh? Sigma beta Tramp I bet! Just as I was about to slam my laptop shut, I saw something that made my blood run cold.

            “What the fuck?” I clicked on the picture and read the name out loud, “Skilar Hill? What the fuck?” I said again in disbelief. I studied the smiling toffee colored face with identical big brown eyes, identical high cheek bones and my distinctive round slender nose. “I don’t remember taking this picture, did someone photo shop my head on to this profile pic and make an account with my face?” I sat there still and unsure of what to do at that very moment. I felt my skin begin to tighten from the dryness of where my tears had fallen. I stared at the picture in complete shock. How could this person have my face? I clicked on her pictures and in each picture, it was exactly the same person with the exact same face. These couldn’t be faked could they. Either I have a doppelgänger or a…twin sister.

            I paced back and forth on my bedroom floor trying to decide what to do. My mind raced with so many thoughts. She was beautiful, she looked just like me, if I had cut my hair about 8 inches above my shoulders. Wait, my mother never told me I had a sister, let alone a twin sister. Could she really be my sister? Why would she risk not telling me especially since we lived in the same state and only an hour or so apart. I thought about sending a message, but what would I say? Hi, I’m your long lost twin sister, maybe?

            With in a couple of minutes of me sending her a simple message she responded back with her phone number and a bunch of exclamation marks. I sat up straight and smooth my hair back with the palms of my hands. “Shit, she wants me to call her. Oh my God!” I ran downstairs into the entertainment room and poured myself a glass of some kind of dark liquor. I needed to calm my nerves. I’m sure neither of my parents would mind, seeing as how they were both too immature to come home and deal with their issues. Not even to see me apparently. “Okay, well the only way that you’re going to find out if she’s real is if you call her. I reached around and felt my back pocket and cursed myself when I realized I had left my phone upstairs in the bedroom. I managed to make it all the way back up there without spilling my drink. I took another sip before I dialed her number.

      “Hello?” She said with a curious voice that sounded a lot like mine. She didn’t even let the phone ring all the way through before she answered.

      “Hello?” I said matching her curious tone.

I heard her draw back a sharp breath as she probably heard the same similarity in my voice as I did hers.

      “Skilar?” I asked unsure of what else to say.

      “Yeah, this is Sky… um kind of bazaar that we look alike–”

      “Identical actually”, I said taking another sip of my drink. “What’s your birthday?” I blurted.

      “October 27th, 1995. Is yours the same?”

I felt like I was having a mini stoke, my heart felt as though it leaped from my chest when she said my birthday.

      “Yes! Do you know what time you where born? I was born at 11:57AM.”

      “Yeah, I was born at 12:00PM!” She gasped.

I chuckled to myself, I’m the oldest.

      “We’re sisters!” We said in unison.

      “But how could this happen? My mother never told me I was a twin?” I said more so talking to myself then Skilar.

      “Do you know our birth mom?” Skilar asked.

      I snorted, “know her? I live with her.”

      “Really?” She asked super excited.

      “Yeah, but no offense, I could see her doing some shit like this. Our mother is a bitch. She’s nobody you would want to meet.”

      “Fucking bummer, that sucks. That explains why she wasn’t available for me to contact if I ever wanted to.”

      “Typical Shannon”, I huffed.

      “Is that her name? Shannon?”

      “Yeah. Shannon Harris– well, Blackwood now. Shannon Blackwood. What about you? I assume you were adopted right?”

      “Yeah, I got lucky. My parents were great but they died about a year ago, plane crash over Lake Superior.”

      “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that…” I said feeling sorry for Skilar that she lost both of her parents so recently.

      “Yeah, it’s a process, but this is exciting. How many people get to say that they discovered their long lost twin.”

      “Yeah tell me about it”, I said shaking my head.

       “How did you find me?” She asked suddenly.

      “Uh, actually, it was by accident”, I had forgotten all about Tray and Sofia. “I was looking up some chick my boyfriend has been screwing around with and you happened… to be her friend.”

      “Oohhh, sorry that sucks… which friend?”

I hesitated for a moment but then I figured it didn’t matter one way or another, “Sofia Holloway.”

      “Oh good. I mean, not oh good, I mean, I’m just glad she’s not like a friend friend. We have a class together at OAI that’s all.”

      “Well, my boyfriend’s been cheating on me with her so, yeah, I was in the middle of stalking her page and then I’m like, “wait what? Did someone photoshop my pic?”

      “Same, except, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I mean all your pictures look like they’re from an ad of a magazine or something. You’re very pretty.”

      I laughed at the irony, “Thanks but we look exactly a like!”

      She laughed too, “I know but, your like the model version of me or something.”

      “You’re crazy”, I laughed.

      “Wow so what now?”She asked.

      “I don’t know, do you want to meet or something? Where do you live? Well never mind, I see right here that you live like about a hour away–”

      “Yeah, but I don’t have a car–”

      “I do, I can pick you up, no problem. Are you on break?”

      “Uh, yeah it just started yesterday.”

      “So did mine. Are you free tomorrow?”

      “Sure. Um, here…”

I looked at my screen when it vibrated and saw that she sent me her address.

      “You live off campus?” I asked.

      “Yeah, I still live in my parent’s house. Well, my house now.”

      “Okay so what time is good for you?”

      “Well, I’m not a morning person so maybe sometime around one?”

      “Sure that works for me I have no plans”, and no boyfriend, I thought.

      “Okay cool. Hey Katrina?”

      “You can all me Kat, no one really calls me Katrina.”

       “Okay, Kat, can we keep this between us? It’s just that, I don’t know if I want to meet our mother if you say she’s a bitch and all… I kind of looked forwarded to seeing her my entire life and… I just don’t see how someone could give up their child like that, especially an identical twin.”

      “Yeah that’s perfectly fine, I understand. I’m sorry that you–”

      “Don’t worry about it, my parents were great. I’m just sorry you had to grow up with a woman like that.”

      “Yeah, believe me, you don’t even know the half of it.”

When I got off the phone with my sister, I felt surprisingly better about my life. I had a twin sister!

      “Speak of the devil”, I said rolling my eyes.

Be home around six. Let me know if Jordan arrives Hun.

Hmmm, she must have figured out a plan. This should be interesting, I thought. To look the woman in the eye that can look at me my entire life and think nothing of the other daughter she disowned.

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